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Write note lynx pardinus posted a note for Gunung (Mount) Batur

Sunday, July 29, 2012Indonesia

And then, something got my mind. A glimpse of blue light. A freshness of the air. A strong and bass voice that whispered powerfully through the wind. “You got me wrong”, it said, mighty as a whisper can be. “You got me wrong!” said that voice, all the power coming out of each word. I shivered! I looked down, beyond my feet, beyond the rim of the crater. I looked straight to that mouth of hell. To the source of that voice. To the volcano that was talking to me! I shivered, my eyes as big as satellites, my hands cold, my heart stopping. “You got me wrong! You got it all wrong! You got geocaching wrong!” said that voice I thought straight out of hell. “It is not the find that makes the geocacher. It is the experience of living the cache! The joy is not in finding it, it is searching it. With your heart. With your soul.”, said the volcano. “The GPS is no more than the extension of your heart. If you search a plastic container with your eyes or hands, you will not find it. You need to put your heart in the GPS, in the terrain around you. You need to put your heart in the GPS the same way the Owner put his heart onto his when hiding the cache. You have to live the experience he wanted you to live, not to find the plastic container he put there.” His words sank in my soul. My body warmed. My eyes grew softer. I felt tenderness invading me. I felt my heart beating again, not as ice against rock, but soft and strong. I looked forward to my hands. My GPS was smiling at me. He was looking right through my eyes, finding my soul, finding my Geocaching dreams and saying reassuringly “we will make it together”. I looked down at the volcano, the darkness of its mouth. But it was different. I saw shapes now, not only blackness, I saw shadows and tender light. And though it didn’t say anything else, I felt the volcano was pleased. Pleased with my change of heart. I straightened myself, looked not down, but around, and I felt the lightness of the air, the sky turning softly to blue, the coolness of morning. I looked around, and I didn’t see destruction anymore, I saw the forest, the lake, the people living around it, and I felt rejuvenation, I felt the volcano in a newer light. I felt that though it destroys, it brings life as well. The new life I was feeling now. Then, I put my GPS back in my pocket, I threw a last look, a “thank you!” whisper to the crater, and, with a smile and a dim of sunshine in my eyes, I started my journey down to the world, expecting not to find containers, but full geocaching life experiences.


infoAn Earthcache is an educational form of a virtual cache. The reward for these caches is learning more about the planet on which we live - its landscapes, its geology or the minerals and fossils that are found there. Many Earthcaches are in National Parks. Some are multi-cache in form, and some have a physical log book located in or close to a Visitor Center. Earthcaches are developed in association with the Geological Society of America. For more information go to
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