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Found it juquinha found GT Night walk [Cascais] [Lisbon]

Saturday, February 2, 2008Lisboa, Portugal

We love nigth caches! My mother loved Guincho nigth cache so she was anxious to get this one too!
Today after visiting the lighthouses nearby we went to Sintra. It would be easiest to get the right road if we haven´t guided with the car GPS - it knows all the private roads inside the farms and took us in a roundabout through Pena's palace and Vale Flôr properties!
Once we disconected it and start using our own maps it was really a pice of cake to get there. On location we really didn´t expecte to "hear the music" in stereo!, but after many tries we could decode the message!

After all, we still wonder what the #$%$# is a plate????
I don´t know about the others. They don't metione anything strange in their logs, but ours was a very strange adventure ....

It was already very dark and there was no moon... An owl stared at us and flyed away to the safety of the dark forest. We could feel the wolfs around, while we stared with fear... Once we arrived at the scene the evil lagoon flashed with millions of lights.
Flashes dancing above our eyes revealling frigthning shadows around. Finally we noticed a road covered with twisted trees as old as the times.
We ran through the alley until we get into a green field.
The ground was covered with ivy that seemed to move and tie our legs as we walk. Creatures behind the trees stared at us with it's red flaming eyes. GPS conducted us to a corner.
Once we pressed the button on the first tree on the left a huge hole opened and an elf conducted us through a narrow passage deep into the moutain. After a long walk we found ourselves in a giant cave, with walls craved with diamonds and a silver half moon in the center.
The elf ordered us to make a circle around the silver moon and at his word we pronouced the secret code: a crack appeared and the moon turned into a magnificent sun.
On it's base our reward: a golden box full of wonders. We quickly signed the logbook with a phoenix feather and when we finished all vanished in a second and we found ourselves standing in front of a now quiet lagoon right where we begin our journey.
Was it just a dream?

In: Carrinho
Out: Smile verde (borracha)

[This entry was edited by juquinha on Thursday, February 07, 2008 at 5:52:26 AM.]

infoA multi-cache ("multiple") involves two or more locations, the final location being a physical container. There are many variations, but most multi-caches have a hint to find the second cache, and the second cache has hints to the third, and so on. An offset cache (where you go to a location and get hints to the actual cache) is considered a multi-cache.
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