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Found it Trekkin' and birdin' found Z Challenge: Chippewa River Challenge

Friday, January 10, 2014Wisconsin

This caching business, it's a funny thing. We weren't planning on doing any caching at all today. Trekkin' figured rayfamilywithbeagles would be on this one already. Still, he couldn't resist a little ribbing online and that got him a call from comkelp, who said..."Hey, Janis and I are going up to Lake Holcombe tomorrow, come and join us." Aw, who can resist an invitation like that? We still thought Janis would have this one in the bag and told her....we can wait on the challenge cache. Really. Go get it, or we can get it together. When we were done up on Lake Holcombe, we were just one away from qualifying for this challenge and there were some on Dells Pond we hadn't found yet. She led us from Lake Holcombe to parking at the bottom of Mt. Simon, telling us..."Go get it! You giving Jeff a ride home makes it worthwhile!" With her blessing, we headed out onto the pond to find Dells Pond, then over to this little island.

After finding the Dells Pond cache, we headed for this one, Jeff spotting a bunch of wild turkeys running across the ice a bit further back, then taking flight at our approach. Looking at tracks in the snow on the way to the island, we could see...those turkeys had been here already! With just a Downy Woodpecker chirping away nearby, we found the cache and scribed our name onto the logsheet of this worthy challenge. We've done a lot of challenges, but it takes a worthy challenge to get us to seek whatever else we still need to qualify and claim it. We enjoy island caching, on ice or in a boat. Our first is still one of the most memorable ones we've done, wading neck deep across the Chippewa River to find a castaway's boat one Labor Day weekend many years back. The ones we did today in the company of comkelp, Wis Wild Weasel and rayfamilywithbeagles, took us around the islands on Lake Holcombe. That was a completely new area for us to discover, which for us is what this game is all about...discovery. So thanks for a really worthy challenge that was a great one to seek after being stuck indoors for oh so many frozen days! A list of our 20 qualifying Chippewa River Island caches follows and...who knew the river formed from a spot in literally in Trekkin's childhood backyard? Pays to read the cache listing! We only wish that timing had worked out a little better so we could find this along with Janis. We know she'll be down here in no time at all, though. SL TFTC

  1. Mile 13: Zuma, The Eighth Castaway Found 9/02/07
  2. Cachie Katie (80) Found 2/04/10
  3. Wisconsin Busy Day Challenge Found 2/04/10
  4. Wisconsin Icon Challenge Found 2/14/10
  5. Z Challenge: Chippewa X 25 Found 10/15/12
  6. Z Challenge: 25 Presidents Found 10/15/12
  7. Z Challenge: Island X 50 Found 10/15/12
  8. Z Challenge: 50 Unknown Caches in a Day Found 10/15/12
  9. Z Challenge: 5 Terrain X 10 Found 10/15/12
  10. Z Challenge: 10 5x5s Found 10/15/12
  11. Z Challenge: 5 Terrain x 100 + 5 Difficulty x 100 Found 10/15/12
  12. Z Challenge: 5 Terrain x 100 Found 10/15/12
  13. Welcome to Happy Island Found 10/15/12
  14. Z Challenge: 50 EarthCaches in 30 Days Found 6/16/13
  15. Lake Holcombe Island Cache Found 1/10/14
  16. Captain Caveman’s Castaway Cache Found 1/10/14
  17. The Eagle Has Landed Found 1/10/14
  18. White Birch Point Island Found 1/10/14
  19. Musky Island Cache Found 1/10/14
  20. Dells Pond Found 1/10/14

infoA Mystery Cache is the “catch-all” of cache types, this form of cache can involve complicated puzzles you will first need to solve to determine the coordinates. The only commonality of this cache type is that the coordinates listed are not of the actual cache location but a general reference point, such as a nearby parking location. Due to the increasing creativity of geocaching this becomes the staging ground for new and unique challenges.
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