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Found it colincactus found Let's Go Streaking ~ Challenge Cache ~ Unknown 31

Saturday, August 31, 2013South East England, United Kingdom

First off I will have to say that I am not the sort of geocacher that likes to work to a timetable. In that respect I'm very like RubyShoos (she set the Kent streaking challenges mentioned in the logs). In fact before the start of this year my longest caching streak was only 15.

I also go to work by train and so there there isn't much time left at the end of the day to do caching anyway. However near the end of July I noticed that there would be a Geocaching Souvenir for each day in August that you found a cache. I had a chat with my son Bobcat. We decided we could do that together with this challenge, and it would give us something to do over his summer holiday. Three birds with one stone we thought.

We had a big stack of 90 solved puzzles within 25km of home. A big choice so it was quite easy at the start. However as we entered week 2 we started to get flak from my wife. She kept asking where we were off too, and kept on getting the reply "Wokingham" (as that's where the majority of our unsolved puzzles happened to be). Before long she was saying that if it wasn't for the fact I had Bobcat with me she'd think I had a fancy woman up there.

Towards the end of the month it had got a lot harder. By then we were going with a torch as the sun would set before we even arrived at the GZ. On one occasion we had to grab an emergency cache as we were going to a restaurant. On another occasion we were doing some removal work for a friend - the emergency cache we had near there was missing so we had to find another one at short notice.

But we finally completed it today. Phew. And here's the thing - we enjoyed it - so have a favourite point. We feel a little sad its over now (and our fancy women do too).

Here's the list of the 31 puzzles I found in August. Further details here.

1 Aug 2013 GC2YTPW Lady Heather's Box (Humpyhounds)
2 Aug 2013 GC3VFGT Hewer, Knowles and Kershaw. (leeroy71)
3 Aug 2013 GC4H4TP Playing Cards Challenge (MrCryptic)
4 Aug 2013 GC1CEDC The church of ST. JAMES (Pink192)
5 Aug 2013 GC204JN Finchamstead Ridges 2 (BillMex)
6 Aug 2013 GC2AVQN Get lost (AmayaTom)
7 Aug 2013 GC22500 Censored (AmayaTom)
8 Aug 2013 GC11JBR Holiday cache (tjapukai)
9 Aug 2013 GC3X211 Spot The Vacuum Cleaner (leeroy71)
10 Aug 2013 GC4J2VJ Desirable Trains?!?! (leeroy71)
11 Aug 2013 GC278J4 Williams Invisible Ale House (Revived) (RichieCactus)
12 Aug 2013 GC3E15F Lunacy (DarenCollins)
13 Aug 2013 GC3RY6G Dead Leaves....... (leeroy71)
14 Aug 2013 GC4H2AX ? Series - 8) A right Royal cache! (The Mad Cacher007)
15 Aug 2013 GC4CEP6 ? Series - 1) Square Cache (The Mad Cacher007)
16 Aug 2013 GC436WJ Tribulation & Topography Challenge: Unknown (RubyShoos)
17 Aug 2013 GC3RENW Who's This Home Boy??? (leeroy71)
18 Aug 2013 GC448NC Sue's Magical Mystery Tour- First Stop (SeekingSalters)
19 Aug 2013 GCPMEH Cippenham Moat (a.k.a. Slough's first cache) (Cryptik Souls Crew)
20 Aug 2013 GC41FVN Aromatic Tracks?!?! (leeroy71)
21 Aug 2013 GC4D43H Neighbours (leeroy71)
22 Aug 2013 GC3VHYB C (Uncle E)
23 Aug 2013 GC3VBY7 Oh What a Palaver!! (leeroy71)
24 Aug 2013 GC1GAKQ ...Gathers No Moss (paulmandell)
25 Aug 2013 GC1AN86 TV Shows #1 (Welsh Green)
26 Aug 2013 GC41AQ2 Rich Rant Star?!?! (leeroy71)
27 Aug 2013 GC3QWYF Not Yearly, Not Monthly, Not Weekly, But...... (leeroy71)
28 Aug 2013 GC32Q8Y Nonogram (Numbermeister)
29 Aug 2013 GC4G8BR Famous Berkshire Residents #11 (AmayaTom)
30 Aug 2013 GC4GVKD Lump (leeroy71)
31 Aug 2013 GC48905 Prime Suspect (muckypuppy)

#1518 TFTC

infoA Mystery Cache is the “catch-all” of cache types, this form of cache can involve complicated puzzles you will first need to solve to determine the coordinates. The only commonality of this cache type is that the coordinates listed are not of the actual cache location but a general reference point, such as a nearby parking location. Due to the increasing creativity of geocaching this becomes the staging ground for new and unique challenges.
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