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Attended Lopesco attended WWFM IV Lisboa

Saturday, November 8, 2008Lisboa, Portugal

We almost missed this event...

Here's our story...

We knew that the teacher rally was taking place in Rossio too, so instead of taking our cachemobile, we took the subway. So far, so good.
Part of the network of the subway is closed during the weekend. We didn't knew that!! It was still just the beginning of the journey and we had to get out of the train and search for the replacement bus provided by the subway company, so we could get to the next station. But when we left the underground, the bus had just left. Panic!!! Time was running short and we were still far away from ground zero!
What would we do?
A Taxi Cab!!
Let's go!
We kindly asked the taxi driver to take us the closest to Rossio as possible! But, Lisbon was "closed"... A lot of the streets were blocked because of the portuguese teachers in their protest! So we had to leave the taxi and get back on the subway, using another line.
Was this close to a happy end?
No way!
The ticket that we used in the first train wasn't valid anymore...
Not fair!! We had to ask the guy watching over the subway station to let us in, so he opened the gate.
The clock was ticking and there was no way a train would arrive. We waited and waited and waited until it finally came and took us on a short ride to our next stop. We had to leave the train station using our tickets, but as these weren't valid anymore since we left the station the first time, we got locked in the platform because the gate wouldn't open...
What to do?!?!?!
As we were in a hurry and got at the gates before anyone else, we waited for the crowd that had left the train and followed some of them, being their "shadow". The gate would think there was only one person passing through, letting us out. We made it. And ran. Ran like a bunch of maniacs.
Run Lopesco team, Run!!
We managed to arrive at ground zero at 18h05m. How is it possible for a event organizer to arrive so late?
Who would know it'd be so easy to do it using just 120000 teachers and a partially closed subway network.
Anyway, Hugo, Nuno and Bruno were already taking care of the logs, the videos and the photos!

Many thanks to them!

Without them, this WWFM Lisboa wasn't possible!

I would like also to thank all the geocachers that were crazy enough to play along and to Podcacher' Sonny, Sandy and Sean.

Hope to see you again in May for the WWFM 5!!!

Mental note: If we knew that there was going to be a teachers protest in "our" event, we would have chosen "flags" instead of "maps" and now we'd had a event with 120000 geocachers, instead of 100....

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