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Found it colincactus found 200 Star Challenge

Sunday, July 19, 2015South East England, United Kingdom

I was caching today with my son Bobcat. Our plan was to find caches to qualify us for Wizardario's Busy Day - Sizes Challenge and to get us up the 10th step of the Up the 13 steps Challenge.

This was a challenge that I qualified for in April when I found 50 puzzles in the area north of Reading. I have used Project-GC to see if I qualify for this challenge and I do.

I had a daily DTsum of 215.5 and I needed only 200 on 2015-04-20
Only the needed number of caches are printed

DT GCcode Name
4 GC51214 Year Best Monk is Dead?
3.5 GC5BZXH 'Pressed' in Peppard
3.5 GC5K936 FF40 #1 (R)
3.5 GC5K93B FF40 #2 (Elementary)
4 GC5K9GW FF40 #3 (F)
5 GC5K9H3 FF40 #4 (LW)
4 GC5K9H8 FF40 #5 (What's in a name?)
4.5 GC5K9HD FF40 #6 (Ruler to Euler)
4 GC5K9HG FF40 #7 (Tulips from Assendon)
4 GC5K9HR FF40 #8 (Lit by ....)
5 GC5K9HZ FF40 #9 (Anagram "CAT")
4 GC5K9J5 FF40 #10 (Lots of Spots)
4 GC5KA08 FF40 #11 (No cheating)
4 GC5KA0C FF40 #12 (Way In)
4.5 GC5KA0F FF40 #13 (Eye Openers)
4.5 GC5KA0G FF40 #14 (Match the Patch)
4 GC5KA0K FF40 #15 (9.52am)
5 GC5KA0X FF40 #16 (Join the Dots)
4 GC5KA0Z FF40 #17 (What's the point?)
4.5 GC5KA13 FF40 #18 (Double Nine)
5 GC5KA16 FF40 #19 (Field Birds)
4.5 GC5KA18 FF40 #20 (Bad Situation)
4.5 GC5KA3G FF40 #21 (Boundaries)
5 GC5KA3J FF40 #22 (Invested)
4 GC5KA3M FF40 #23 (1st Eleven)
4.5 GC5KA3Q FF40 #24 (Not more anagrams!)
4.5 GC5KA3T FF40 #25 (Train Regs.)
4 GC5KA3Z FF40 #26 (ENIGMA)
5.5 GC5KA42 FF40 #27 (7 Greens)
4 GC5KA43 FF40 #28 (Penguins)
4.5 GC5KA48 FF40 #29 (OTP)
5 GC5KA4A FF40 #30 (Rue Coast Fable)
5 GC5KA4C FF40 #31 (Spheniscidae Vigenere)
4 GC5KA4D FF40 #32 (As easy as Aa, Bb, Cc)
4 GC5KA4E FF40 #33 (!)
4 GC5KA4J FF40 #34 (R-L-R-L)
4.5 GC5KA4K FF40 #35 (Epic Dream)
4 GC5KA4M FF40 #36 (Doctor Who?)
4 GC5KA4T FF40 #37 (Upper Case)
4.5 GC5KA4X FF40 #38 (.... Forever!)
4.5 GC5KA4Y FF40 #39 (Film Club)
5 GC5KA52 FF40 #40 (Blank Faces)
4 GC5109C S-OXON Remembered
3.5 GC511TR A nano in 'Florida'
4 GC50TB8 Cachers Meet
4.5 GC533D6 Notable Residents of Oxfordshire #1
3.5 GC5598F Go straight to GZ

Great views on the way to this cache. We said hi to the horses in the field we walked through. It took us a little while to find the cache as it doesn't quite match the hint (maybe its been moved at some point over the past four years).

We dropped off the Per Mare Per Terram TB and took the Xmas decoration

#2303 TFTC (+fave point)

infoA Mystery Cache is the “catch-all” of cache types, this form of cache can involve complicated puzzles you will first need to solve to determine the coordinates. The only commonality of this cache type is that the coordinates listed are not of the actual cache location but a general reference point, such as a nearby parking location. Due to the increasing creativity of geocaching this becomes the staging ground for new and unique challenges.
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