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Found it BaSHful found Up the 13 steps - Challenge cache

Wednesday, March 4, 2015Southern England, United Kingdom

Out and about with my good mate WhiteFriar on a glorious sunny day and, although frost was scraped off the windscreen at the start of the day, it soon warmed up, though, occasionally, a sharp wind caught us, reminding us that Spring is not quite here yet. A very varied day with puzzles, challenges, Church Micros, a series, a few high terrain caches and three night caches to finished with. This was a long, long day but an excellent and rewarding one with only the one DNF (and that due to a phone number that is not there any more!).

A very pleasant walk and a swift find.

I have used [url=]Project-GC[/url] to see if I qualify for this challenge and I do.

Step 1: 31/12/2006
Traditional Cache: GCMJ65 - DOC

Step 2: 09/06/2007
Multi-cache: GC11TY6 - Hackhurst Hack: View
Micro: GC11TPB - Hackhurst Hack: Sheep

Step 3: 01/07/2007
Unknown Cache: GC11Y99 - What immortal hand or eye? aka MUGxx
Micro: GC11EM5 - Part 2 - Pay on the nail
Difficulty 2: GCNQQC - C'for

Step 4: 02/08/2007
Traditional Cache: GCMKCB - Dark Side of the Moon
Micro: GC12N0B - What`s in the Well
Difficulty 2: GC12N0Q - Wilberforce Walk
Small: GCJ4H0 - Doris's Keston Cache

Step 5: 30/09/2007
Multi-cache: GCM4YE - Reigate mini multi Ramble
Micro: GC12VNB - Ups "n" Downs
Difficulty 2: GCKFQT - The Oaks (Derby Day2)
Small: GCKBRA - Derby Day
Before 2010: GCX87V - Child's Play

Step 6: 07/10/2007
Unknown Cache: GCTJND - Its a Surprise
Micro: GC10XTM - Ponds, Dew Ponds and Lakes of Sussex #7
Difficulty 2: GCTJN3 - Over Here
Before 2010: GCTJN5 - Over There
Themed: GCZQ04 - Ponds, Dew Ponds and Lakes of Sussex #1

Step 7: 08/11/2007
Traditional Cache: GCZ6Z2 - CP: The Key for CP #3
Micro: GCZ6YF - CP #2: Gronsfeld's Glory
Difficulty 2: GCY14C - Merstham Mystery Tour
Small: GCXP8D - Frenches Pond Cache
Before 2010: GC16NB1 - Mists of Time 1
Themed: GC17878 - Church Micro 1...Earlswood
10+ pts: GC154G5 - Brian’s Cache

Step 8: 23/02/2008
Multi-cache: GC1799N - Church Micro 7...Betchworth
Micro: GC18652 - Mill Micro 33 - Skimmington Windmill
Difficulty 2: GC19FTA - RTB - It's a Washout!
Small: GCWGPC - Worship
Before 2010: GC17DM5 - Church Micro 24...Kingswood
Themed: GC17E1P - Church Micro 9...Redhill
10+ pts: GC197H3 - RTB - Bee in your Bonnet
Regular: GC189MW - Motorway Mayhem M25 J8 TB Hotel (Margery)

Step 9: 22/05/2008
Unknown Cache: GC1907N - Church Micro 114b...Shorne 3 the bonus
Micro: GC180VE - Church Micro 74...Southfleet
Difficulty 2: GCXQTF - Chicken-Pot Cache at Southfleet Junction
Small: GC198VB - The Darenth Dawdle No.1
Before 2010: GCPDT9 - Shorne Wood Country Park
Themed: GC180VF - Church Micro 78...Ifield
10+ pts: GC180VM - Church Micro 79...Shorne2
Regular: GC174WN - Darenth Asylum
Difficulty 3: GC10YVZ - Stroll Shorne

Step 10: 16/08/2009
Traditional Cache: GC1V7DZ - DDC 06 Down the Hatch
Micro: GC1Q2Y1 - Devil's Dyke - Summer Down
Difficulty 2: GC1V7ED - DDC 07 Going Nuts
Small: GC1V65Q - DDC 03 Viewpoint
Before 2010: GC1V66A - DDC 04 Float my Boat
Themed: GC1GWMB - Church Micro 211 - Twineham
10+ pts: GC1H35W - Church Micro 666...Devils Dyke DDC 01
Regular: GC1V7D7 - DDC 05 Enlighten Me
Difficulty 3: GC1V4XQ - DDC 02 Got a screw loose
Other Size: GC1V9ZF - DDC 12 Chameleon

Step 11: 08/10/2009
Multi-cache: GC1WATJ - Church Micro 808...Hollingbourne
Micro: GC1Y1YG - Church Micro 869 - Ripple
Difficulty 2: GC1HZ67 - Church Micro 383 - Ramsgate, St Laurence
Small: GC19YC5 - White Horse Wood
Before 2010: GC12FDJ - White Cliffs Earthcache (Kent)
Themed: GC1Y1J0 - Church Micro 863 - East Langdon
10+ pts: GCA2FA - Overview (Kent)
Regular: GC1YP56 - Killer #2: Gunshot Wound
Difficulty 3: GC15GTW - LQ:KENT - Granny's Island
Other Size: GC13ARZ - Bluebell Hill Earthcache (Kent)
Before 2005: GCMW01 - leaning on a the lamp post

Ran out of space! Log continued in about Note.



infoA Mystery Cache is the “catch-all” of cache types, this form of cache can involve complicated puzzles you will first need to solve to determine the coordinates. The only commonality of this cache type is that the coordinates listed are not of the actual cache location but a general reference point, such as a nearby parking location. Due to the increasing creativity of geocaching this becomes the staging ground for new and unique challenges.
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