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Found it furryhermit found Geo Idols 2014 - Furry Hermit

Tuesday, April 1, 2014Wisconsin

Several months ago, I started noticing a lot of strangeness happening around the Hermit cave. We’d come home and find the floors swept. Combs and brushes would often go missing, only to reappear at the front door or mailbox … completely cleaned out. The lint traps on the washer and dryer would disappear. We’d occasionally find the sink drains cracked open and completely cleared out. To top it off, I could have sworn I saw someone making off with a couple sacks of my bi-annual shearings out of our driveway last week. When I saw this cache pop up, it all became painfully clear.

Now … as JC mentioned … we furry hermits have acclimated to our own scent (believe it or not … it IS possible) so I knew this would be a challenge to find myself, so I needed a plan. First, I needed to enlist some help … a cacher very familiar with the pungency of a hermit. JC was the logical choice. We made arrangements to head out over lunch hour to begin tracking. Then, I needed to insure that JC would be able to lock in on the scent … but how could I do that without overwhelming him with my own presence? Sadly and reluctantly, I realized what I needed to do. I had to bite the bullet and override my natural instincts. With great reservations, I wandered down to the river near my home, took a deep breath to overcome my foreboding dismay ….. and I took a bath. I apologize for the oil slick and ochre froth I left behind on the banks. It should clear out in a few days. I spent the rest of morning drying out and met up with JC at the allotted time. He mentioned that I looked exceptionally poofy today. I grunted at him with insolence, but we continued on.

The plan worked perfectly! JC followed the trail like a trained professional ( from the Waukesha county K-9 unit) I was able to help some by focusing on a fainter scent of a sea-based life form that seemed to be leading along the same path. We only stalled out once, but not much more than a minute or two before we got back on track. Along the way I would reminisce and tell JC where each clump of fur came from, how it formed and inform him of the finer intricacies of each tuft and gnarled tassel. Ahhh … memories! Good times! From his glazed over expression, I could tell his amazement to learn of the 37 different varieties of hermit fur! JC seemed to pick up the pace around this time and expeditiously led us to a place where the signs of a cache were overwhelming. I circled around GZ and … as if experiencing an epiphany … I truly found myself!

Alas … it was time to move on back to work, but not before grabbing one more cache in the area I hadn’t gotten to yet. I need to use these opportunities when I have them. For future finders, I recommend getting to this one quickly while the trail is fresh, and DON’T go when it gets wet! If you should find yourself in that unfortunate situation, EVACUATE!! RUN! ... DON’T WALK!! Or else bring a breathing apparatus and your own supply of oxygen. Even those with strong constitutions have been known to been waylayed for weeks after being exposed to wet hermit fur. I’m surprised if JC doesn’t have to detox his car sometimes on his driving days.

Thank Goldie for this fun tribute and for all the other caches you’ve placed over the years! It was definitely an entertaining experience! You’ve brought so much into the caching community and searching for your caches is always something we look forward to.. We’re glad to see you back.

Oh one more thing ... If the cache starts to deteriorate and you need more fur, just ask. After all ... it's shedding season now. TFTC!

This entry was edited by furryhermit on Thursday, 03 April 2014 at 12:45:28 UTC.

infoA multi-cache ("multiple") involves two or more locations, the final location being a physical container. There are many variations, but most multi-caches have a hint to find the second cache, and the second cache has hints to the third, and so on. An offset cache (where you go to a location and get hints to the actual cache) is considered a multi-cache.
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