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Found it ajsa found M&K Wedding Cache

Friday, September 11, 2009Jamaica

As it should be said, first things first and first of all we wish to thanks the owner for this cache, we almost lived an movie adventure while trying to complete this cache.

As we were on vacations on RIU, the neighbor resort, we had all the time of the world to draw a nice plan to go into Sandals were our first attempt was on the very first day witch lead us to a huge wood wall separating both beaches. With all scenario in front of our eyes, we draw the perfect plan to approach the resort from the beach but, at this time, we’re far away from the real facts madden on tree acts.

8th September
After having a magnificent breakfast, we’ll give our first real attempt to accomplish the cache by sea. On the beach, we pick a kayak from the resort and we sail to sandals. No problem at all until we anchor on shore. We haven’t yet put our fits on holly land when the security came to us saying that we are on the wrong beach (as we didn’t know it ).

  • I’m sorry man, but can I tak a rest here?
  • Of course you can, no problem Mon!
  • Ok, thanks, I said.
    As he didn’t go way, I start to make some useful conversation:

  • Do you know, what is Geocaching? – I asked.

  • No Mon, is it some drink?
  • No, I said, is a game.

I told him about Geocaching and told him that we should find some ceremonial places and, of course, if he knew anyone nearby.

  • Yes Mon, I know! It’s write over there! He said point to the beach gazebo.
  • Oh, ya mon, that one. Do you know anyone more?
  • Yam on, they have one on the garden but you can’t go there.
    Some more conversation but I couldn’t persuade him to lead me there.

9th September
With the failover on yesterday, we tried another plan: Go in write to the resort entrance.
We had a red bracelet identifying our resort on the arm, so we put it backwards turning it to white and done a walk to the front entrance of the resort.
I had my camera hanged on my neck, we made a tranquility walk looking to the plants and catch some pictures of them and we just pass by the security without any problem. The plan was working perfectly. Everything was ok until some gentle employee asked us, by courtesy, if we need anything. We said that we’re ok but then he saw our wrong bracelets.

  • Look mon, your’re lost! – he said while make a big laugh.
  • Lost, why?
  • Yes mon, your resort is the next one. This is Sandals and you’re on RIU!
  • You’re kidding, write? I asked.
    No, of course, he wasn’t king and we’re gently escorted to RIU on a Sandals vehicle. They’re definitely some really nice people. (We love you guys )

11th September
Unfortunately this is a sad day to the word (our humbled curtsy to the 9/11 victims ) but, to us is a happy day, it’s our anniversary!
We had scheduled on trip to Negril to see its famous sunset and guess what?
For our pleasure the bus just stopped on our way back on sandals to leave some folks. We just could miss that chance. We say our guide that we’ll leave write there so that she shouldn’t worry with us. (can you imagine what some US dollar bills can do? )

This is our last chance as it was almost dark, we probably wouldn’t be noticed. Yes mon, we could reach the mission until we’re intercepted by a night security guy at +/- 50 mts from GZ.
This time, we said that we’re lost and leave the bus on a wrong resort. Once again we’re nicely escorted to RIU on a sandals vehicle.

I guess that those guys got the idea that we’re a crazy couple!

Thank you so much. We love this adventure.

IN: Virtual drop of Honeymoon TB

Sandals IslandPTFotoConcurso

Additional Images Additional Images

Sandals Island Sandals Island


Caribbean Sea Caribbean Sea

Ride to the sea Ride to the sea

The night The night

I I'm only watching the show...

Here comes a storm! Here comes a storm!

The path to the cache... The path to the cache...

Some local fruits Some local fruits

Going to Cuba Going to Cuba

Golfinha Golfinha

AJSA, the skipper... AJSA, the skipper...

Lunch entertainment! Lunch entertainment!

Getting ready for a underwater approach... Getting ready for a underwater approach...

Cache on sight! Going down... Cache on sight! Going down...

Golfinha Golfinha

Almost ending... Almost ending...

Burning sky Burning sky

See you soon... So long! See you soon... So long!

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Because of the nature of these geocaches, you must actually visit the location and acquire the coordinates there before you can post. In addition, although many locations are interesting, a virtual cache should be out of the ordinary enough to warrant logging a visit.

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