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Found it Lacknothing found The Quest of Camelot - Wiscowsin

Friday, April 5, 2013Wisconsin

Where to begin?! This has been on my radar for a couple of years now. Today seemed like the day for this quest and I talked the Hitwoman and Hearty Soles into joining me. I had actually checked this out a bit a year or so ago.....and followed my GPS in terms of where to park. Made good sense to me. Parked the geomobile and we were only .36 from the first WP. Should I wear my polka dot boots or not? Steph thinks I'll be fine without them, so off we go (this is a decision I will regret several times later). The first bit of our trek was uneventful. We mused about what this land was used for. Then we came to this little ridge and up we went and OH NO...water....and our GPS is pointing to the other side of the water. Can we cross? We check out several possibilities and then finally realize we are going to need to walk around. We do just this and get to the other side without mishap. Then we run into more water and more water....and ...well you guessed it. I don't remember anyone mentioning water crossings in their logs. Hmmm....could we have come at this one the wrong way? Perhaps. We continue on and at long last we arrive at WP1. Contrary to the Hitwoman's log, I spotted this onWxt WP and off we go. Arriving at WP2....OH NO....not those. We examined every one. Then Steoh wandered off and soon thereafter, Renee hollered that she had something! We soon had a new set of coordinates punched in and off to WP3. OH NO...NOT THOSE AGAIN?! But we were not about to give up, so we did what we had to do. We spent about five days at WP3 (or at least it felt like that). Nothing....I wandered off to check out a theory and then wandered back. We read through all of the previous logs....back to searching....and then a scream by none other than the Hitwoman (it was a tough scream, though). She had this look on her face and then she settled down and calmly told us she had the coords. Except we had a little problem.....and Renee made a suggestion and so I tried this suggestion...and I will e-mail the CO to let him know the results. We had a bit of a problem though as we only had half of what we needed. However, I thought this one through and figured out and soon figured out which half we had. Of we went. We arrived at what we thought was GZ and searched. Found nothing, so we thought we would check out another place. Nothing there either. So back to where I originally thought it might be. More searching. Oh...and did I mention how muddy we now were? Oh yeah....we were muddy. Still no back we go to WP3 to search more. I actually wandered off again to test another theory and soon Renee was waving me over. Steph had figured out the rest of the coordinates and off we go to GZ. And guess what....GZ was exactly where I said it would be. I did remind the other two that I was a "professional" which they laughed since I hadn't found the cache the two previous visits to this place. This time, Steph spotted it in no time at all. We were so happy we squealed...and I mean we squealed....very excited to have completed the quest. We did it! We signed the log....and replaced this one....and then decided to take the easy way back to the geomobile....giddy all the way. We came to Camelot....we added an extra five or so points to our terrain....we persevered, trudging uphill both ways and we were victorious! Thanks for a very, very, very fun and worthwhile multi. We loved it!

infoA multi-cache ("multiple") involves two or more locations, the final location being a physical container. There are many variations, but most multi-caches have a hint to find the second cache, and the second cache has hints to the third, and so on. An offset cache (where you go to a location and get hints to the actual cache) is considered a multi-cache.
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