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Wednesday, 08 August 2007Manitoba, Canada

How to turn a bad laundry day into a FTF by ertyu

By Monday I realize the weekend is coming to an end and work is just a few hours away. Clean clothes are getting scarce so I chuck a load in the wash. Many minutes later I return to pull out the laundry and as I'm hanging it up, I notice black stains all over a new pair of shorts. The draw string wasn't color safe and stained the shorts :( Wednesday sets to a new cache right next door. My first attempt was with telephone cord. Too rigid and sticky to imitate string. Moved onto CAT5, a little smoother and more flexible, but still not up to the task. Then it dawns on me, I have a perfectly good string thats owed some harm for ruining a pair of shorts. Several attempts with the string and I find a few misinterpretations here and there, but keep coming up with the same jumbled mess of a figure. (Knots don't help with this by the way.) Replaced the knot with electrical tape and continued on. By this time I had recreated the same figure, which seemed figurish, several times. I narrowed down the possibilities some more, but still had too big a list of a late night search. Tried once again and carefully examined each step to see if there was any alternate way to do it and ta-da, I found another one I was misinterpreting. Finally something that looks similar to a picture. Still can't quite pick it out, but the possibilities are very narrow now. Run the figure once more and come up with something quite clean looking and have it down to two. Careful examination says thats its likely down to one. Following my plan of late, I pack ultra prepared, taking the cache description, string, full geocaching pack and jacket with me. I grab the sun from the car and pack it as well. I find that coming prepared often means a much easier find than leaving with the bare minimums. The wait at the late night traffic lights on empty streets seems like an agonizing eternity in the race for FTF. The site is familiar as I've scouted it to hide a cache. As I approach ground zero I manage to get a branch wedged between my face and my glasses and play the; both my hands are full, now I need to wriggle this branch out without dislodging the glasses from my face game. Unfortunately I lost, but I played it smart and had a good idea where to blindly look. Unfortunately it was a pile of twigs which remarkably resembles the thin brown metal frame. Fortunately one of the things in my hand was the flashlight and with a good educated guess of where to look, I was able to spot them quickly. Back to the cache, I just manage to spot it in the first place I look despite the camo and make the retrieval. And thats how you turn a bad laundry day into a FTF.

infoA Mystery Cache is the “catch-all” of cache types, this form of cache can involve complicated puzzles you will first need to solve to determine the coordinates. The only commonality of this cache type is that the coordinates listed are not of the actual cache location but a general reference point, such as a nearby parking location. Due to the increasing creativity of geocaching this becomes the staging ground for new and unique challenges.
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