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Found it ertyu found Lost Civilization

Sunday, December 14, 2008Manitoba, Canada

I DID IT!!! I found the remains of the lost civilization!

After stumbling upon Professor Vaque's diary I was intrigued, I couldn't put it down, what an adventure. The directions from the parchment he had scribbled down stuck with me. I stared at them for hours, making no sense of anything. I must have fallen asleep, because as I awoke in the middle of the night in a blurred state, the fuzzy scribbles appeared to float off the page, making perfect sense. I quickly jotted down my own notes, but something was amiss, the directions just didn't make sense. I consulted some colleagues but they all thought I was crazy. I took a break and later returned to do some more research. Ah hah! I proclaimed as I discovered an ancient shorthand being used in the directions. I wasn't sure I could tackle the trek, given the Professor's experience and ultimate fate. I ventured across land as far as I could go before departing on foot. It was a cold desolate land, just as the Professor had described. I trekked here and there forever, going in circles back and forth, making up very little ground. Eventually I found the inner motivation to make steady progress towards the goal. After what seemed like forever and no time at all the slogging got much more difficult, there was no obvious sense of direction, this must have been where the Professor got stumped. As I circled trying to determine the best course a mythical beast crossed my path. It stood as tall as a man but was black as night with a brilliant flare of white as it turned to run away. It must be a sign I thought and I followed it into the dense jungles. I quickly lost sight of the beast and was now hopelessly lost. It was also at this point that I discovered the provisions I had brought were completely useless in this frozen environment. I plodded onward. The directions were completely hopeless at this point and I was on my own. I began to see things, the sky was glowing with fire balls that roared over head. Just as I had nearly given up hope I stumbled up what appears to be a ruin. My interesting pique, I charged forward, finding more and more evidence I was on the right track. But suddenly nothing, there were no more signs, it was a dead end. Forlorn, I retreated back along the path I had taken and continued on my previous path. With my head held low I continued on, lost in the jungle with no direction. Suddenly there it was, the ancient structure of the lost civilization loomed large in front of me. I rushed ahead, YES YES YES, this is it, I've found it! I throw off my supplies and eagerly climbed upward on the massive structure. Simply amazing, how could they possibly have built this and yet completely disappeared? How could no one of ever found this before? As I reached the top I was in awe, what an amazing sight. Not only the surrounding environment but the structure itself. It was simply gleaming, despite being abandoned centuries ago. It's surface exquisitely adorned with ancient writing and it's crevices filled with treasure. I was able to decipher a little of it. The culture seemed to worship the Fundamental Fathomer, in their hieroglyphics: FTF. They would make offers of something I could only decipher as 'cough-e' to the Fundamental Fathomer to ensure their work continued to prosper in excellence. I spent many hours exploring the ancient ruins, but alas without provisions it was going to be a difficult trek across the frozen land back to safety. I was buoyed by the discovery, but that couldn't keep my warm and my hunger was growing. I was looking over my shoulder for Death every few steps. I don't know if it was minutes, hours or days passing, the glowing fire balls in the sky were back making it impossible to tell what time of day it was. I don't really remember much more, but sometime later I stumbled out of the dense jungle and collapsed near where I had set off. I've recovered now and vow to return as soon as I can remember where in the world the Lost Civilization is!

infoA Mystery Cache is the “catch-all” of cache types, this form of cache can involve complicated puzzles you will first need to solve to determine the coordinates. The only commonality of this cache type is that the coordinates listed are not of the actual cache location but a general reference point, such as a nearby parking location. Due to the increasing creativity of geocaching this becomes the staging ground for new and unique challenges.
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