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Geocacher uses the support of a tree branch to sign a paper cache log.

Find any geocache in the world

  • Unlimited access to all geocache types, sizes, and difficulty levels, anywhere in the world.
  • Personalize your geocaching with Search filters and attributes, and sort by distance, name, Favorite point, or rating.
  • No service? No problem. Download geocaches to your phone with Lists and use trail maps to stay on-trail when offline.
Four adults stand on a wooden bridge looking at a geocache

Discover new ways to play

  • Create a new kind of Adventure. Apply for the opportunity to create location-based scavenger hunts for anyone to enjoy in the Adventure Lab® app. Learn how to create an Adventure.
  • Know when it’s new. Tailor Instant notifications to be alerted when new geocaches are placed nearby.
  • Let the community be your guide. From Favorite points to shared Lists, let the geocaching community guide you to great geocaches and new places.
Man kneeling in a grassy field holding a geocache

Reach your goals

  • Stay on track with Stats. See how your geocaching is progressing over time with personalized statistics such as your best caching day, geocaching milestones, and more.
  • Integrate your fitness routine. From smartwatches to fitness trackers and desktop to mobile apps, Geocaching partners offer a full suite of integrated geocaching features, with added benefits for Premium members.
  • Organize your outings. Create, save, and share Lists of geocaches to keep track of what you want to find next.
Three adults stand on a pier looking to the right while one points

More to discover with Premium

  • Stay informed. Exclusively for Premium members, The Logbook weekly newsletter offers early access to new features, sneak peeks of upcoming challenges, discounts to Shop Geocaching, and more.
  • Share the love. Earn and award Favorite points as kudos to cache owners who hide and maintain amazing geocaches.
  • Exclusive features. Premium members get access to beta features in the Geocaching® app and new releases in the Adventure Lab® app before anyone else.

Your Premium membership support

The support of the Premium community fuels the game. In 2000, Geocaching.com started as a hobby site with 75 geocaches. Today, it’s home to over 3 million geocaches placed worldwide by people like you. Here at Geocaching HQ, we are thankful to be able to do this work because of the ongoing support of the global geocaching community and Premium memberships.

Over 3 million moments of discovery are waiting for you, download the official Geocaching® app to get started.