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Groundspeak's Introduction to Geocaching Presentation

Groundspeak's Introduction to Geocaching Presentation

Groundspeak's Introduction to Geocaching presentation is a great way to teach first timers about geocaching. It explains geocaching basics, including what's in a cache, cache types, Trackables and more.

You can co-brand the presentation by adding your organization or company logo in the white rectangle at the bottom-right of each slide. Although you may not alter the size of the rectangle, you are welcome to delete it if you do not wish to co-brand. The "What is Geocaching?" video featured on the homepage can be found on the second slide of the presentation. You may also delete this if you prefer not to show the video.

You must read and agree to the Copyright Permission and Approval Terms below and indicate that you have done so before downloading the presentation.

We hope that this presentation helps you spread the word about geocaching!

Copyright Permission and Approval Terms

These terms are for use of Groundspeak's "Introduction to Geocaching" Presentation:


By downloading Groundspeak's Introduction to Geocaching presentation, I understand that I am being granted non-exclusive permission to publish Groundspeak's "Introduction to Geocaching" Presentation (the "Presentation") in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  1. Permission granted shall extend only to the publication of the Presentation described above.
  2. No modification whatsoever shall be made to the Presentation with the sole exception that Requestor may specifically include Requestor's Organization name and/or logo in the promotional section or remove the promotional box from the Presentation.
  3. Requestor may remove the "What is Geocaching?" video from the Presentation, but no modification whatsoever shall be made to the video contained within the Presentation.
  4. The following copyright notice will be included when the Presentation is displayed: "Copyright © Groundspeak Inc. All rights reserved."
  5. Permission shall terminate upon written request from Groundspeak.


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Click the download button above. Save the zip folder to your computer. Right click the folder and select "extract all files." Open the "An Introduction to Geocaching" PowerPoint file. You need to be in "Slide Show" view to watch the video.

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