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Enter the code printed on the trackable to get started

Trackable FAQs

What are trackables?

Trackables are physical game pieces that move from geocache to geocache. Types of trackables include: geocoins, tags, t-shirts, and more!

Can I keep them?

In most cases, trackables want to travel. Use the tracking code on the trackable to look up its goal. Log trackables in order to move them along.

How do I log a trackable?

Trackables can be found in geocaches, your inventory, or through the trackable code search.

Use the tracking code to access the trackable details page and then choose the appropriate log type.

How do I start my own?

You can get trackables on our website. Give your trackable a goal and drop it in a geocache to send it on its way. You will be notified every time a geocacher logs it.

Trackable tips:

  • Try to move trackables within two weeks of taking them.
  • If a trackable isn't listed in a geocache, wait 24 hours or contact the last geocacher who logged the trackable.
  • If you think a trackable is missing from a geocache, contact the trackable owner or write a note on the trackable details page.