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Travel Bug Dog Tag Devil Ducky Derby Racer: Pink

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Friday, 25 August 2006
California, United States
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Current Goal

The Devil Ducky Derby Racers are competing in a never-ending race to travel the most miles, visit the most geocaches and collect the most devilishly wicked photographs of their ducky adventures!

Can you help this little devil in his unholy quest to be the best?!?

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This Devil Ducky does not currently hold any awards.

Current Sponsor: ROMADJAKE

Pink's greatest leap: 1,575.0 miles



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Write note 12/26/2011 Team Snorkasaurus posted a note for it   Visit Log

Greetings Devil Ducky fans! 2011 is drawing to a close and the time has come for us to take a look at the current Derby Race standings:

01 - Black: 234,537.6 miles
02 - Green: 144,350.7 miles
03 - Orange: 47,519.7 miles
04 - Blue: 25,863.6 miles
05 - Red: 24,230.0 miles
06 - Zebra: 21, 977.2 miles
07 - Ninja: 16,338.5 miles
08 - Hot-Rod: 12,629.1 miles
09 - Tattoo: 11,730.3 miles
10 - Yellow: 10,928.5 miles
11 - Leopard: 9,508.2 miles
12 - Purple: 8,405.0 miles
13 - Glow: 3,346.4 miles
14 - Pink: 2,991.1 miles
15 - Invisible: 2,855.7 miles
16 - Camo: 1,720.3 miles
17 - Polka-Dot: 634.5 miles
18 - Pirate: 285.4 miles

These devilish little quackers have collectively raced well over one half of a million miles! 579,851.8 to be specific. That distance is approximately 24 times the Earth's equator or more than enough mileage for a trip to the moon... and back!

Black, Green, Orange, Red and Purple have all enjoyed exciting geo-adventures in 2011 and are actively continuing the race. Blue and Yellow are currently being held by geocachers, but have not moved since 2010. We are hoping they will return to the race soon. The remaining Devil Ducky competitors locations are 'unknown' and they are presumed to have retired from the race; however, we would be thrilled to see any of these little devils return, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, and continue their geo-journey...

  • 2011 Derby Race Highlights -

BLACK: Upon visiting Chile in March, this tenacious little devil became the first Derby Racer to visit all seven continents! Other notable locations include Germany, Belgium, the U.K., Poland and Vietnam. His wildly impressive mileage is more than sufficient to land him on the Moon. THE MOON?!? ALL HAIL THE LUNAR DUCKY!!!

GREEN: Not only did Green and Black enjoy an excellent Devil Ducky reunion early in 2011, Green has been busy exploring geocaches in Washington, Pennsylvania, and tropical Hawaii. This penultimate pond-hopper also possesses the most extensive image gallery we have ever seen associated with any(!) Travel-Bug. Green was both excited and honored to participate in finding Princess Lisa's (Green's wonderful TB Sponsor) 1000th geo-find. Impressive indeed!

ORANGE: With a brief detour to Spain, Orange has spent most of 2011 exploring the geocaches of Germany. In fact, Orange has been in the hands of quite a few of our German geo-friends and we appreciate the care and consideration they have lavished on this devilishly intrepid traveler. Orange Ducky says DANKE!

RED: Minnesota and Iowa have played host to Red's devilish geo-adventures in 2011. Red is currently residing in a 'tribute cache' celebrating NWAman's 5000th find.

PURPLE: Although 2011 didn't add many miles to his travel history, Purple is fortunate to have been found by geocacher buzwush2 who has helped him explore parts of Kansas. Currently in 12th place, Purple is within striking distance of overtaking Leopard, Yellow, Tattoo and Hot-Rod. Will he move up in the ranks during 2012? Only time will tell!

Team Snorkasaurus would like to acknowledge Emandel and Princess Lisa for continuing to be absolutely wonderful Devil Ducky Sponsors! 2011 was quite an excellent year for our little rubbery racers, but the start of the 2012 Derby Race season is just around the corner. What web-footed wonders does next year have in store for these foul fowl? Some folks believe that 2012 will herald the end of the world! I don't put much stock in such ideas myself, but maybe we should all keep an extra close eye on our Devil Ducky friends just to make sure that they are not up to anything too nefarious...


Write note 04/15/2008 Team Snorkasaurus posted a note for it   Visit Log

Astronomical Devil Ducky Derby Race Update:

The Devil Ducky Derby Racers have collectively traveled over 270,000 miles. That is greater than the distance from the Earth to the Moon!

[url=]FAR OUT![/url]

Here are our current top five competitors:

  1. Black - 94,499 miles
  2. Green - 61,434 miles
  3. Orange - 32,933 miles
  4. Blue - 21,999 miles
  5. Tattoo - 11,730 miles

The Black Devil Ducky recently astounded Derby Race fans with an unexpected visit to the geographical South Pole! The combined efforts of Devil Ducky hosts Emandel and Physicschick resulted in a Geo-adventure unlike anything we ever expected. Just... WOW!

As Black nears the six-digit mileage mark we cannot help but wonder what cunning stratagems are being hatched by this amazing Derby Racer.

Green recently hit the road with Princess Lisa for an amazing cross-country trek which we were fortunate to enjoy vicariously. Cool Bison! We are sending our very best wishes to this ever-awesome duo! We hope the relocation has gone smoothly and that they are enjoying the cool Pacific Northwest weather!

Green's lovely girlfriend, the [url=]Princess Ducky[/url], is currently packing her bags in preparation of her own exciting geo-journey...

The Orange Devil Ducky has been experiencing a bit of culture-shock while defending third place. From California, through the United Arab Emirates, and finally landing in Sweden, Orange's awesome international adventure has certainly caused the quacky competition to take notice!

Although not currently in the top five, Purple has been enjoying many wonderful geo-adventures with Fearthefish, the previous sponsor of the Orange Devil Ducky. We are grateful to Fearthefish for their wonderful photos and terrific sense of humor. Truly excellent Devil Ducky hosts!

Blue briefly captured third place, only to watch Orange snatch it away again. But don't feel too bad for this little Devil, Blue is one of only three Derby Racers to enjoy multiple stops at the [url=]BIG Orange Travel Bug Convention Center[/url] and MaxB on the River's awesome tour groups. And he recently experienced an amazing 22 Harrier Jet fly-by! We continue to hope that the Blue Devil Ducky will someday have the opportunity to visit the infamous Blue Deuce.

We are beginning to worry about the faltering Tattoo Devil Ducky. Although still in 5th place, he has joined a small group of Derby Racers who are currently listed in the dreaded "Unknown Location". Any Devil Ducky Derby Racer who goes missing for too long is in danger if disqualification. Once disqualified, they will be labeled a "Dead Duck" and forced to wander the Earth as Devil Ducky Zombies!

Seriously... Zombies.

In last place, the Pirate Devil Ducky is desperate to add to his paltry 146 miles. As the very first Devil Ducky to move and the first to earn the Grand Prix award, who could have imagined he would languish in last place for so long! Yet hope remains, as long as he avoids the Travel-Bug Graveyard he may yet regain his long lost lead... Race on!

Thanks again to all the excellent Devil Ducky hosts, you folks have made this race a huge success!

Quack! Quack!

  • Ducky Moon
Write note 01/02/2008 Team Snorkasaurus posted a note for it   Visit Log

Devil Ducky Derby Race Update:

Happy New Year 2008!

The first year of the Derby Race has been a huge success! The Devil Ducky Derby Racers have enjoyed many quacky adventures, traveled all over the United States and explored far-flung regions of the world. Our Ducky competitors have collectively traveled over 217,000 miles. That is a distance greater than 9 times the equatorial circumference of the Earth!


Our current top five competitors are:

  1. Black - 76,822 miles
  2. Green - 48,706 miles
  3. Orange - 21,802 miles
  4. Blue - 15,031 miles
  5. Tattoo - 11,730 miles

The Green Devil Ducky has the distinction of being the long-time holder of the highly revered Leap Frog award which was earned when he traveled 8,614 miles in a single leap!

In last place, and with the dubious distinction of holding the Lame Duck award is the Pirate Ducky with a paltry 138 miles. Let us not forget that Pirate was also the very first Derby Racer to claim the Grand Prix award and he has vowed to make it his again someday!

Numerous awesome Geocachers have posted terrific stories and photos of the many adventures of the Devil Ducky Derby Racers. Some of these photos can be viewed collectively in the Travel Bug section of the Groundspeak forums or by clicking on the following link:

[url=]Devil Ducky Photo Album[/url]

Sincere THANKS to all of the wonderful Geocachers who continue to make the Devil Ducky Derby Race a terrifically fun success!

Quack! Quack!

Discovered It 07/14/2007 bossfan discovered it   Visit Log

discovered it

Write note 05/10/2007 Team Snorkasaurus posted a note for it   Visit Log

For helping the Pink Devil Ducky race an additional 1,575 miles, ROMADJAKE is awarded the Devil Ducky Sponsor Award...


Dropped Off 05/09/2007 ROMADJAKE placed it in Travel Bug Reunion Pennsylvania - 1,574.99 miles  Visit Log
Retrieve It from a Cache 04/07/2007 ROMADJAKE retrieved it from Old Causeway Cache Texas   Visit Log

We took the pink ducky from the OLD CAUSEWAY CACHE and plan to place him somewhere in Pennsylvania soon.


Write note 04/07/2007 Team Snorkasaurus posted a note for it   Visit Log


On April 5th, 2007 the Black Devil Ducky became the first Derby Racer to officially travel 25,000 miles (a distance slightly greater than the circumference of the Earth) thus earning the EARTH DUCKY award! The fiercely competitive Derby Racer team of Green and Princess Lisa proved to be a serious Earth Ducky contender; however, the Black Devil Ducky made a mad dash across the Atlantic and waddled off with the illustrious title. Congratulations to the team of Black and Emandel for their stunning achievement!

The Black Ducky also earned the highly coveted GRAND PRIX award with a total of 26,068 miles. The Green Ducky maintains his hold on the LEAP FROG award with an astounding leap of 8,614 miles and continues to challenge the lead position with an impressive total of 23,603 miles. The Camo Devil Ducky remains in last place with a paltry 7.8 miles. I am sure Camo would like to see the LAME DUCK award moved to some other Derby Racers page...

The Devil Ducky Derby Racers have collectively traveled an astounding 81,903 miles, a distance greater than three times the circumference of the Earth. The current average distance traveled among all Derby Racers is 4,550 miles.

Team Snorkasaurus wishes to extend a most sincere THANK YOU to Princess Lisa and Emandel, two truly amazing Devil Ducky hosts!

Quack! Quack!

Write note 03/18/2007 Team Snorkasaurus posted a note for it   Visit Log

For helping the Pink Devil Ducky race another 1,385.2 miles, hardyp3 is awarded the Devil Ducky Sponsor Award...


Dropped Off 03/18/2007 hardyp3 placed it in Old Causeway Cache Texas - 1,385.2 miles  Visit Log

Devil Ducky is enjoying spring break at Padre Island this week. He's snug in his new nest after visiting Louie's and Dirty Al's.

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