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Rockin Roddy's Cachestalkers Geocoin Todie's Wild Ride: Gyzy's Adventure

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Tuesday, 14 October 2008
Pennsylvania, United States
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Current GOAL

This is part of a mission to raise awareness of motorcycles (bikes) on the road. Taking pictures of this coin next to a bike, bike trail, motorcycle, or BEST YET -- at a motorcycle safety class!! -- would make your mission complete! REMEMBER: When you are caching, or driving anywhere, please make sure to CHECK TWICE FOR BIKES! You may save many lives with this simple advise. :)

About This Item

This coin is being released as part of the Todie's Wild Ride Bike Awareness Project initiated by Rockin Roddy in response to the death of his good friend Tod Phillips. On August 12, 2008, Tod was riding a motorcycle when he was killed in an accident caused by a left turning vehicle. Tod was one third of Team Rod & Tod w/KAboom. This coin is released in his memory and in memory of all motorcyclists killed on the road.

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Write note 01/30/2018 Giddy Up GeO posted a note for it   Visit Log
Write note 10/31/2017 BuniBear65 posted a note for it   Visit Log

Not in this cache, Hanging out Down Memory Lane

Dropped Off 06/08/2016 ahernandez119 placed it in Hang-out Down Memory Lane Mississippi - 2.44 miles  Visit Log

Here at a bike dealership hope it can travel more.

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Retrieve It from a Cache 06/08/2016 ahernandez119 retrieved it from Northwood Park Mississippi   Visit Log

I have this geocoin now off to PDI

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Dropped Off 06/05/2016 ModelCitizen placed it in Northwood Park Mississippi - 58.63 miles  Visit Log
Write note 04/23/2016 ModelCitizen posted a note for it   Visit Log

Okay, one last adventure before I turn this traveler loose and let it find its way through the geo-verse.

Today was the annual Wings Over Wiggins Fly-in, and once again this year a small group of skydivers was invited to perform at the event. Bill, Joe, Ryan, and I were the lucky ones. We made three skydives over the Wiggins airport in front of a crowd of approximately 400, I'm told.

On the first skydive, I jumped my 70 foot long red, white, and blue streamers while Bill jumped a flag and Ryan (since it was his first exhibition jump) just concentrated on the jump without doing anything extra.

For jump number two, I had prepared some red and blue smoke canisters on a couple of foot brackets and Ryan and I wore those while Joe jumped the American flag. Ryan and I flew crisscross paths to paint red and blue zigzag smoke trails in front of Joe with the flag. Bill stayed on the ground and did the announcing over the PA system. He kept it very entertaining for the crowd, suggesting that we were having problems with our equipment when we started smoking and speculating whether or not we were going to make it back to land at the airport, etc.

On the third and final jump, Joe and Ryan got out on the first pass while I stayed in the plane and gained a little more altitude. As the plane flew upwind on the second pass, I got out a little downwind and flew my R-Bird wingsuit up the runway in front of the crowd. Because of the wingsuit, instead of getting 20 seconds of freefall, I flew the wingsuit for 50 seconds before deploying my parachute at a safe altitude upwind of the crowd.

It sure was a fun day, with three great jumps. Afterwards most of us went to Bill's restaurant in Wiggins and had a great meal (we were starving!) and talked about the day and skydiving in general. After that, Ryan and I drove to the dropzone and made one more jump to finish out the day. Awesome! This geocoin was my sky companion and made all the jumps with me today.

Here's a video I put together of the three jumps at the fly-in:
Wings Over Wiggins Skydives

Hopefully this geocoin has been shown a good time, and it and the owner haven't been traumatized too much by all the extreme activities. This little guy will be released into a local geocache soon to continue its travels. I'm wishing it many miles and smiles on its journey.

Blue skies!
Model Citizen - Zero Discipline

  • Model Citizen flying long streamers. Custom-made 70 foot long red, white, and blue streamers I had made. They got a little twisted up on this jump. :(
  • Bill doing the announcing for the team. Although I couldn't hear it, I'm told he made up some wild stuff and kept the crowd guessing and entertained.
  • Model Citizen painting a long red smoke trail.
  • Joe bringing Old Glory into the fly-in.
  • Part of the flight line at Wings Over Wiggins.
  • Several Stearman biplanes showed up. Stearman biplanes were built in the 1930's and 1940's and were used as training aircraft during WWII.
  • Three chutes in the air.  Beautiful! That's me (red smoke), Ryan (blue smoke), and Joe with the American flag.
  • The jump crew and ground crew. Bill, Joe, Red, Greg (me - Model Citizen), and Ryan before the last jump of the event. I've got my wingsuit on, ready to fly!
Visited 04/23/2016 ModelCitizen took it to Welcome to Wiggins Mississippi - 257.45 miles  Visit Log
Write note 04/18/2016 ModelCitizen posted a note for it   Visit Log

Finally got the track day video edited and uploaded to my channel on YouTube. Here's the link: TGPR Track Day

Blue skies!
Model Citizen - Zero Discipline

Write note 04/18/2016 ModelCitizen posted a note for it   Visit Log

Posting a few more pictures of the cars that participated in today's private track day event at Talladega Gran Prix Raceway and the travel bugs and geocoins that went with me and rode along during my race sessions.

Blue skies!
Model Citizen - Zero Discipline

  • A beautiful Porsche Cayman that came to play. Unfortunately, after a session or two the owner spotted an oil leak coming from the engine and didn't run it anymore.
  • Another scared, but happy customer. Dan B gave lots of people rides in his LS3-powered RX7. Dan is a race instructor and really knows how to turn some fast lap times. It can be scary, but FUN, riding with him. His sister just got a ride with him and they spun out, but she loved it!
  • Mini Coopers on TGPR. These are just four of the seven (I think) Mini Coopers that showed up for the TGPR race event. Most of them are part of a Mini club that had been wanting to rent the track but didn't have enough participants, so they joined in with us instead.
  • More TGPR track day cars... Left to right, top to bottom:
Race-prepped BMW M3,
Steve R's Yamaha R1-powered tube frame race car,
Kathy's BMW 135i (M version?),
and Larry's mighty Camaro ZL1.
  • Three more... A VW GTI professional race car,
Steve-O's tube frame turbo Miata,
and Shea's Mini Cooper S running on race slicks.
  • TBs and GCs on my tired S2000 after the track day. Several travel bugs and geocoins went with me to the TGPR private track event and enjoyed a day full of speed, g-forces, adrenaline, and shredded tires.
  • Track day participants
Write note 04/18/2016 ModelCitizen posted a note for it   Visit Log

Oh yeah!! Two or three times a year some friends and I pool our money and rent a road course racetrack for a day and get out and run our cars as hard and fast as we can go. We've been doing this for quite a few years. So, fifteen of us rented the Talladega Gran Prix Raceway (TGPR) near Talladega, Alabama. Today was our spring event and it was also a memorial event for our friend Rick, who passed away from cancer after last year's spring event. His wife had tee shirts made for us, attended the event, and took a ride in some of the cars just like Rick had done a year ago.

Talladega Gran Prix Raceway is a 1.4 mile track with a variety of challenging corners and three straightaways. On each of the straightaways I'm able to get up to about 95 or 96 mph before having to stomp on the brakes and get it slowed down to get around the upcoming corner without flying off the track. One or two people with higher powered cars were getting over 110 mph on the straights. We always have an interesting collection of cars attend. Some of the guys are real gear heads and they build project cars all the time and bring them to play on the track. This time Steve-O brought a stripped turbo Miata with an open tube frame, Steve R brought a tube frame car he built and powered with an engine from a Yamaha R1 1000cc motorcycle, Dan P was in a race-prepped BMW M3, a race team brought their VW GTI Rally Pro race car, Larry drove his new Camaro ZL1 (580 HP), and Dan B brought the fastest car on the track: a Maxda RX7 with an engine swap to an LS3 V8 (6.2 liter, 430 HP). We also had a BMW 135i, a Porsche Cayman, my S2000, and a bunch of Mini Coopers.

It was a fun day, with everyone getting plenty of time on the track. Several people spun off the track or had little off-track excursions, but no one hit anything or damaged their car. I got a little sideways a few times but managed to keep all four wheels on the track. Of course, with highly modified cars there are often problems that pop up, so we did have people working on their cars between sessions and one of the cars had to be pushed off the track a couple of times due to fuel starvation issues. But no one really broke anything. All of us left a lot of our tires on the track, scrubbing that expensive rubber off of them in the corners. I was just glad it wasn't raining on the way home because I didn't have much tread left.

Everyone had a great time socializing, riding along in each other's cars, and chasing each other around the track. I can hardly wait until the next event. Maybe I can do a performance upgrade or two to my car before the next one. Oh, and of course, a bunch of travel bugs and geocoins got to ride along with me and experience a high speed, high g-force track day.

Blue skies!
Model Citizen - Zero Discipline

  • Some of the track day cars in the pits.
  • Model Citizen (me) on the track in my S2000. Squealing tires and having fun, with a couple of my GoPro cameras mounted to capture the action.
  • Track familiarization lap before racing starts. Several people hadn't been on this track before or hadn't been here in a long time, so I led a couple of fairly slow laps to let them figure out the track and learn the racing line that others use to get around the track fast.
  • The fastest car at the event: Dan B's Mazda RX7. But that's no stock rotary engine in it. He swapped it out for a big V8.
  • A Chevy LS3 engine in a Mazda RX7? A light car with a very powerful 6.2 liter, 430 HP V8 engine in it. That's the formula for speed. It can also be the formula for out of control, but Dan's got his chassis tamed pretty well. And he's a race instructor, so he knows what he's doing.
  • Oops! Little problem. Leaking diff fluid. Dan was losing differential fluid while out running laps. He had to do a little work on it and top the diff fluid off before heading out on the track again. That's not the stock differential either.
  • Dan B, kicking up some dust. After the repairs, Dan B was back out on the track, sliding and squealing tires. Larry in his Camaro ZL1 and Steve-O in his turbo tube-frame Miata are giving chase.
  • Dan B loses it and spins off the track. After going all out and sliding and drifting his 430 horsepower RX7 around the track for many laps, it finally got away from him and he spun out coming out of "the bowl". This was while he was giving his sister a ride. She loved it though.
  • Steve-O getting some in his turbo Miata.
  • My brother, Yellow Fever, in his Mini Couper. My younger brother, Steve, racing his new car; a Mini Cooper S Coupe which his wife affectionately named "Dark Helmet" because it reminds her of Dark Helmet, the Darth Vader parody character in the comedy movie Spaceballs.
  • Model Citizen getting chased. Larry in his bad boy Camaro ZL1, and Steve "Yellow Fever" in his Mini Couper following my S2000 around the track.
  • Some of the cars cooling off between sessions. Mini Cooper S Coupe, Mini Cooper S Coupe, S2000, RX7 (sort of), and Camaro  ZL1. The engines, tires, and (especially) brakes get extremely hot during our 15 minute track sessions. Cool down time is required.
  • Steve R's R1 motorcycle engine-powered race car. Steve R dropped a Yamaha R1 1000cc inline 4 cylinder engine into his tube frame race chassis. This engine revs up to over 13,000 rpm and makes around 180 horsepower with just 1 liter of displacement.
  • The Yamaha R1 engine in Steve R's race car. Such a small engine to deliver 180 horsepower. It does it by being able to rev really high: over 13,000 rpm. It sounds so beautiful when it's wound up to the high revs.
  • Steve R flying down the back straight. The R1 motorcycle engine is revved to the max and is screaming its high-pitched battle cry as he approaches the end of the straight.
  • Austin: "Can I get a ride?" We often take rides in other people's cars during our track day events. Austin came with his dad and didn't bring his own car, so he spent the day bumming rides from other drivers. Steve R was more than happy to oblige.
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