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Sea of Treasures Geocoin .Sea of Treasures Geocoin

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011
Oslo, Norway
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Current Goal


In addition, I'm willing to trade coins from the KEEPER list, for the right offer.


Jomfruland (Grenlandsmafiaen 2014): Antique silver
Henrik Ibsen (Grenlandsmafiaen 2012): Antique silver
Haugalandscoin Haugesund: Antique silver
Haugalandscoin Karmøy: Antique silver
Haugalandscoin Tysvær: Antique bronze
Heddal Stavkirke (Grenlandsmafiaen 2010): Antique silver - antique copper
Hedgehog: Oslofjord edition (personal edition of this coin, 20 made)
Trønderbataljonen 2013
Trønderbataljonen 2014
Norwegian reviewers 2014: Antique silver
Drammenscoin 2014: Antique bronze [2]
Drammenscoin 2015: Antique bronze
Norwegian viking geocoin: Antique silver/black
The great ax: Antique gold - antique silver



Estonia Christmas card 2014: Antique gold LE
Follow the quilt
Hummingbird: Sky LE - Original RE

Edeltraud 2012: Deluxe sheep black (glitter anthrazit)
Little Cache-Dragon: Pink-girl
Dutch geocoin 2011 (De vliegende Hollander)
Dwarven Treasure 2011: Secrets of the night
Geocaching in my Genes: Black nickel (XLE)
Salty the sea turtle: Event pearl/black nickel (LE)
PET, der GeoFrosch: Polished gold (AE)
First Estonian geocoin
Carousel Lion: black nickel/white
Duck geocoin: Baby Duck Ed.
12-12-12 multi event: So-Cal
Pure. Color: Purple glitter
Popcorn geocoin
Cachin' Cats Tribute Angel: silver - gold
Viking geocoin: Bjorn (black beard)
Merlin's Falcon: silver/red/black/white
Cachehawk (Nosnow and Shadow's friend): Antique copper
Kaleidoscope: Antik Silver XXLE

About This Item

Sea of Treasures


Earth Turtle Oceania: Tsun
Colonel H. George Cachington Unicorn Geocoin
Compass rose 2010: Graciosa
Compass rose 2006: any
Compass rose 2005: any
Petrified Wood geocoin
11-12-13 multievent (4 clocks): any location version (not generic)
2015 pi day geocoin
Josefine - the Snail Geocoin
Polar Bear geocoin
Maxi the geofant geocoin
Squirrels in Love Geocoin

Gecko98 geocoin
Cach and Reelease geocoin
Norwegian Flag Micro Geocoin
A day to remember 2014
Arctic Circle award
Nissene på låven 2014
Olav Tryggvason (Trønderbataljonen)
Trønderbataljonen Geocoin 2015
Trønderbataljonens Bartecoin
Vehuskjerringa GeoArt Geocoin
Østfold coin 2015

General interests:

(Shaped) animal coins with an artistic twist

Will appreciate anything with artistic design and pretty colour schemes!



Achievement/mystery/special gifts:

Bridges and Arches of Central Park
Carpe Diem
April Fools 2011
No L
Darth Vader
9/11 Apple Geocoin (GC&P Club September 2008)
Celtic compass: Antique silver
Team Yanagi: Antique copper
Super(man?) mystery
Stressed mystery

Shaped animal coins:

Carousel horses: Black nickel/gold/glitter (AE) - satin gold/red (XLE) - satin gold/purple (LE) - polished gold/white/turquoise - polished silver/black/red - copper/orange/blue - black nickel/glow - silver/charcoal
Carousel lions: Gold/orange/purple - black nickel/white/purple - Satin gold/brown/green (LE) - Satin Silver/black/purple (XLE?)
Carousel tigers: Copper/orange/green - satin gold/orange - gold/white/red - gold/rainbow (AE) - satin nickel/orange - black nickel/orange
Edeltraud the sheep: Black nickel/white - deluxe edition white glitter - deluxe edition pink glitter
Andy the Squirrel: Antique copper - black nickel/pink (AE)
Freezing geocoin: Orange cap (LE)
Cache Agent: Black nickel/gold
Sea of treasures
Earth Turtle Oceania: Bora Bora - Tahiti
Earth Turtle 2008: AS, green
Earth Turtle 2012: Haka gold - Gaia gold - Nutella
Turlutortue V2: Nature edition, Antique silver with gold (LE)
ZeeZee the turtle: Oil - Purple Pearl - Water
Pax baby dragon: Blue - white (glow) - dark green - purple - light green
Merlin's Falcon: gold/black/yellow
Water Otter: Arctic sea - tropical ocean
Iridescent Dreams: Tsun Select
Anasazi Geocoin Spirit Dweller: Green/Gold
Morpho butterfly 2010: Red/blue/gold - beauty blue/shiny silver - green/copper
Butterfly 2012 Great Mormon: Satin gold
Butterfly 2013: Satin silver/green
Hedgehog: Oslofjord edition
Duck geocoin: Erpel Duck Ed.
Cachin' Cats Tribute Angel: Gold
Native Pegasus: Freedom for all
Hase & Igel: Night & Day XLE
Rainforest Jewel: V2 black nickel
Hummingbird: Sky LE
Brainstrust Elephant: Standard - Translucent

Other animal coins:

Migrations geocoin: Gold (AE) - bronze coins & pins club edition
Celtic dragon - water: Satin gold
Celtic dragon - fire: Satin gold
Pandamonium: Black nickel
Li'l dreamer: Sea horse - black nickel - antique copper (sample) - antique gold - satin gold - antique silver (AE)
Sepp & Berta in Love
Birdie: satin silver (AE)
Backyard birds: Cardinal
Daoine Sith: Lilac
Stitch in time: BN/glow
OshnDoc geocoin v1.5 2007
Omni Animalia: Rustic garden (RE) - Vanelle (SE) - Zelanzy (AE)
Wolfpack: Blue Moon BN/glow
Little Cache-Dragon: Green-grandpa
Eagle Eye: Fortitude
Cavan's Prayer: Golden Season
Kathy's Coin Too - Heaven Is the Place: Gold


Norwegian geocoin 2007 (pictograms): Antique silver
Moose Forest: AS/black
Nordic Caching Traveler: Norway

Norwegian geocoin 2008 (viking ship): Antique bronze
Grenlandsmafiaens geocoin 2008: Copper
Team Olsson geocoin: Antique gold
Nidaros cathedral
Norwegian attractions Nordkapp: Polished nickel
Fam Bergums moose coin: Nickel
Domehead: Astro blue

Telemarkskanalen geocoin (Grenlandsmafiaen 2009): Antique silver
Birka: Gold/colours (SWE)

Norwegian geocoin 2010 (car plate)
Heddal Stavkirke geocoin (Grenlandsmafiaen 2010): Antique gold

Gaustatoppen geocoin (Grenlandsmafiaen 2011): Antique copper - satin gold (LE)
100 Years Anniversary South Pole Expedition: Antique gold

Henrik Ibsen (Grenlandsmafiaen 2012): Antique copper
Vikingevent 2012: Polished gold (LE)
Fonnåsspenna: Antique bronze (AE)
Santa Claus Norway Geocoin: Silver
Haugalandscoin Haugesund (2012): Antique copper

Haugalandscoin Karmøy (2013): Antique copper
Geokaperne (2013) Sørlandsbanen 75 år: Antique silver
Vestfold Vikings 2013: Polished gold
Geoscientia Gear Hällristning: Gold - black nickel (SWE)
Sondre Norheim (Grenlandsmafiaen 2013): Antique silver - antique copper
Baldur i Leifr (Geocoin club, May 2013)
Viking geocoin: Olav
Viking Dragon Shield Geocoin: Valkyries
Trønderbataljonen 2013
Nordic reviewers 2013

Trønderbataljonen 2014
Jæren 2014: gold
Jomfruland (Grenlandsmafiaen 2014): Antique copper
Hovedøya 2014: Antique silver
Norwegian reviewers 2014: Antique gold
Haugalandscoin Tysvær (2014): Antique gold
Drammenscoin 2014: Antique gold (LE)

Haugalandscoin Sveio (2015): Antique copper
Drammenscoin 2015: Antique bronze
Norwegian viking geocoin: Antique gold/black
The great ax: Antique silver



Koelner Dom: Antique silver
Cologne Cathedral: Antique silver
Lubeck Astronomical Clocks: Nickel
World Heritage, Basilica Trebic: Antique gold

Compass roses, other symmetric coins:

Tranquility: Green giant (nickel)
Circle of four: Gold/purple - gold/green - gold/red - gold/blue - gold/lakota - two-tone gold/BN (AE) - Farmer's (LE) - Dutch (LE)
12-12-12 by CW: copper/orange/turquoise - two-tone black nickel/gold
Compass Rose 2013: Tezcatlipoca - Ehecatl
Compass Rose 2012: Sahara - Calahari - Congo (LE) - Cape of Good Hope - Kilimanjaro
Compass Rose 2011: Daybreak - Eclipse - Twilight - Midnight Sun - Dawn to Dusk
Compass Rose 2010: Yemon Yime (LE) - Corvo - Pico - Terceira - Flores - Santa Maria
Compass Rose 2009: Polished nickel/polished gold
Compass Rose 2008: Gold/Silver two-tone
Compass Rose 2007: Satin Gold
Compass Rose 5th anniversary: Mediterranean
Lotus compass: Orisis
Tengwar NAWWAL: Silver/purple
Mehndi Mandala: green/antique bronze
Time and Space: Bronze
Suncompass: Antique gold
Kaleidoscope: Gold - Mattgold RE2 - Mattsilver SE2 - Black Nickel
10 good deeds of geocaching: Portugal

Olympic geocoins:

Chase your dreams (Dorsetgal & Geodog, torch race 2008)
Keep chasing your dreams (Dorsetgal & Geodog, torch race 2012)

Other artsy/nerdy coins:

Celtic Tree of Life: Red in silver (error edition)
Dwarven Treasure 2011: Secrets of the night
Dwarven Treasure 2012: Yaruhha
Dwarven Soul 2013: Shadow and Flame
Marvelous nature: Nickel/blue
Letterboxing geocoin: Gold
Sunshine, freedom, flower: GCF EU 2011
Job 28, God of Science: Golden Knowledge
Trees & Men: Regular edition

Cache of the Titans - Medusa: Copper
Geocoin club April 2012: Cache Guardian
Davy Jones locker: Gold/aqua
Pirate Bones: Aquatic
Forest Kami: Verdant (satin gold/green)
Ocean Kami: Golden Tide
Dead Man's Party
Idylwood Pirates Spinner: Antique copper
Spacegate: Antique bronze

Geocaching in my Genes: Gold
Pi day 3.14: Mud pie (AE)
Technetium’s Slide Rule
MallorGeo 2012
Up & Down: Frost Tree
Estonia Christmas card 2014: Antique gold LE


Savalen event 2014 (Eric Heiden)
Savalen event 2015: silver - gold

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Discovered It 05/05/2014 Grotprof discovered it   Visit Log

Spotted at Meet the Lackey and Reviewers 2014 - Mega Event, Oslo, Norway, 3 May 2014.

Discovered It 05/05/2014 Zaka. discovered it   Visit Log

set i forbindelse med Mega event i Oslo :)

Discovered It 05/05/2014 Zaka. discovered it   Visit Log

set i forbindelse med Mega event i Oslo :)

Discovered It 05/05/2014 Zaka. discovered it   Visit Log

set i forbindelse med Mega event i Oslo :)

Discovered It 05/05/2014 Zaka. discovered it   Visit Log

set i forbindelse med Mega event i Oslo :)

Discovered It 05/03/2014 terjekva discovered it   Visit Log

Mega Oslo 2014, thanks... :)

Discovered It 05/03/2014 ToiFri discovered it   Visit Log

Seen at mega-event in Oslo, 2014

Discovered It 05/03/2014 Diamond-dog discovered it   Visit Log

Discovered on the Mega Event in Oslo :-)

Discovered It 05/03/2014 zalo discovered it   Visit Log

Discovered through the Megaevent weekend in Oslo. Thank you for sharing. Nice to meet so many other people who dedicates so much time to this fantastic activity!

Discovered It 05/03/2014 Sunroad55 discovered it   Visit Log

Thanks for all TB, GC and Cars i got to see and thanks to all People I meet on Mega - Event in Frogneparken in Oslo. Solveig :)

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