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22 Sep 08 View Image More cachers at the "Going Native" Event 22 Sep 08 View Image Jvechinski and the TinyTGB TravelBug in nature? 13 Jan 08 View Image so you want silly pictures huh? greyhounder and LightningBugs 11 Jan 07 View Image The TinyTGB TB in Cam Ram park with Wreath?
1 Jan 07 View Image TinyTGB in the Snow This is as silly as I could get given the circumstances. 26 Nov 06 View Image P1010079.JPG Up close with the Tiny TGB! 19 Feb 06 View Image TGB In Starkville, Mississippi Famous people have a way of making themselves gracious in even the most trying circumstances. This famous guy, who was wintering over here in the South, decided to go along with the gag and get his photo made with the Tiny TGB. Our thanks to Barney and his agent for this special moment. 14 Sep 05 View Image Tiny TGB in Fort Worth
21 Aug 05 View Image Tour Group MaxB's Escorted TB Group Tour "Don't Mess with Texas" have thier Gun Racks ready to for a Good Ol' Texas Barbeque. Shown are Tb's: WJTB "Fitch", Tiny TGB, Wander Bug, Tommy, Chucky, Painterly, Old Tech, MIWWW 200th Geocoin, Travel Dog Nemo, Happy Days, WJTB "Geol" and Wounded Duck. 15 Aug 05 View Image Lake Michigan TinyTBG visited Lake Michigan before MaxB's band concert in St. Joseph. 12 Aug 05 View Image Tiny TGB on the River Tiny TGB visits MaxB's on the St Joseph River in Michigan 27 Jan 05 View Image TinyTGB and Chef This Chef stands outside the Cafe de Artists in Leonardtown, MD.
15 Sep 04 View Image Ready to Go