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For Dino Chain

19 Aug 14 View Image Dino chain with added dinos 17 Aug 14 View Image Mia san Giga 2014 24 Feb 14 View Image Die Drachen Kette 31 Mar 13 View Image Dino Chain
4 Feb 13 View Image # 14 was für ein Spaß :-) TFTTB 31 Dec 12 View Image IMG_4814 Dinosaurs on New Years Eve :D 6 Nov 10 View Image Dinos! Lots of dinosaurs (and one gekko, and one animal that could be an armadillo or an anteater). :) 30 Jul 07 View Image New blue-green dino Pic of the new dino added to the Dino Chain! We found a bag of plastic dinosaurs at Wal-Mart for $0.88. Had a hard time deciding which one to add.
7 Apr 07 View Image Initial image This is how the bug looked at activation.

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