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How to use a Geocoin

This page is broken out into three sections, picking up a Geocoin, dropping off Geocoins, and troubleshooting. The web site tries to mimic the coin's adventures in the real world. Cache listings work like virtual containers for each Geocoin listing.

The following relates to moving Geocoins only. If you only wish to discover a Geocoin, simply visit the coin's page and log a note with the type "discovered" selected in the drop-down menu.

Picking up a Geocoin

A geocoin is a collectible coin that travels from place to place. If you found a geocoin the first thing you need to do is "grab" it online so that you can add your own story to its journey. Refer to the FAQ for answers to other questions not covered on this page.

Step 1. Get the Tracking Number

In order to log your find and "grab" the Geocoin, you first need to locate the coin's tracking number. The number is normally stamped on the coin. Make sure to write this number down before trading with another geocacher or dropping the item in a cache. You'll need it to locate and "grab" the coin online.

Step 2. Visit the Geocoin's Page

Each Geocoin has its own web page. To visit the page, either go to the cache page for the geocache where you found the coin and look for it in the inventory list, or visit the Geocoin page and use the search tool. To use the search tool, enter the tracking number in the supplied box and click the search button.

Step 3. Found it? Log it!

Once you reach the Geocoin listing, you will want to write a log to let the owner know you found it. By logging the find you are also "grabbing" the Geocoin and putting it in your account's online inventory. This will ultimately allow you to drop the Geocoin in another cache.

If the Geocoin is listed as being in a cache, you will have two options: retrieve it from the cache or grab the Geocoin. If you took it from the cache in which it is listed, choose to retrieve it. If you took the Geocoin from elsewhere, choose to grab it. Both logs require the tracking number, so keep the tracking number handy for the coin that you plan to log.

Once you have successfully grabbed or retrieved the Geocoin, it will remain in your online inventory until someone else grabs it from you or you place it in a cache.

If you are shown a Geocoin by another geocacher but do not actually trade it, you may "discover" it instead. This is a virtual log type which will not place the coin in your inventory but will keep a record of the find in your profile.

Dropping off a Geocoin

Once you log that you have retrieved or grabbed a Geocoin, you can drop it into a cache. The cache listing acts as a virtual container allowing you to indicate that you have placed the Geocoin in the physical cache.

If the Geocoin has a goal, please try to follow the goal as best you can. If the goal is to move the Geocoin to the west coast, don't put it in a cache further to the east.

Step 1. Visit the Cache Listing

Visit the cache listing for the cache in which you placed the Geocoin.

If you already logged your find, don't panic! You can still post another log note.

Step 2. Visit the "log your visit" page by clicking the link in the upper right-hand corner.

Enter some comments about your visit and the Geocoin that you traded.

Step 3. Select the Geocoins to drop off

Scroll below the text box to see a list of the Geocoins in your inventory. You can either select one Geocoin with your mouse pointer or hold down Ctrl on your keyboard and select several coins to drop off at once. When you are ready, click the button to submit your log to the cache page. The Geocoin(s) will transfer from your inventory to the online cache listing.


There were no Geocoins listed on my "log a cache" page!

There are two possible reasons why the Geocoins are not listed on your "log a cache" page.

  • Some caches, like Earth caches, cannot act as containers for Geocoins. This option will not show up for these kinds of cache listings.
  • Someone grabbed the Geocoin from you before you were able to log it. Revisit the Geocoin page to see if it was grabbed by someone else. If so, contact the user and see if you can grab it back to add your story to the Geocoin's page. If you wait too long you may be unable to log your find.