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Write note SirSAL posted a note for (HongKong) Ph[o.O]ey

Thursday, 07 February 2013

righty right ... after [url=]perpal4[/url] take this coin out of the cache which was the first cache of the race (in clifornia), i think he/she will never put it back to some cache, so the race ist over and (after many mails to the holder) i mark this trackable "missed".
its a pitty, but i can't do anything ...
some of the racer a still running, so i dont stop the race, but all trackables which taken from [url=]perpal4[/url] are [b]lost[/b] (i think), cause he/she dont drop them in other caches.
so i do, what i've to do ...
maybe in the next race, my proxie will find a holdr who put it back in another cache ...
its missed, [url=]...sirsal[/url]

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