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Grab It (Not from a Cache) mucek4 grabbed Schland

Thursday, 24 May 2012

A recent post on Slovenian geocaching forum got me into thinking. I was on site and I have seen this geocoin in cache name FTF. I just don't remember did I took it or just seen it.
If I took it it's in my TB bag. No it's not. Ok. Then it's in car in can-holder.
1st problem. My car is currently not at home.
2nd problem I asked a friend. I was not caching with my car :o
I went to this cache with a van from my father-in-law. I give it a call.

TB was still on the bottom of can holder and was travelling for 1 month all over Slovenia. I got code over the phone right now, I'll get a GC tomorrow.

I don't promise I'll be able to drop it this weekend as we have some family meeting and I don't know if I'll be able to cache, but I promise I'll do it in next week. It will be in a cache before June!

Sorry again and greetings from Slovenia

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