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Retrieve It from a Cache Bike-Team retrieved Todie's Wild Ride Geocoin from Little House

Thursday, 22 April 2010Wisconsin

Somewhere around 80% of motorcycle accidents are the fault of the driver of the other vehicle.

The government does so many stupid things these days, such as bailing out rich guys who are mismanaging banks and invading countries that are totally messed up and would be best left alone. All the while the government is sidetracked with those projects it is NOT doing a very good job at some basic tasks we actually need them to do- better regulation and training of drivers everywhere.

My hometown recently had a case of a person who was around 90 and who hurt someone because they got the gas / brake mixed up pulling out of a parking lot. This person had just gotten their license renewed for another 7 years. In many other countries (for example European countries) they actually do check people out and make sure they are still able to drive well as opposed to just collecting their driver's license renewal fee like here in Wisconsin.

But we all can make a mistake while driving and my best wishes goes out to everyone affected with Mr Todie's accident!

OK, I'll get done ranting but this coin found its way to the right motorcycle riding guy! Will take it for a motorcycle ride to another cache.

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