This is no ordinary geocaching trading item!

Pongo the Racing Dalmatian is a Travel Bug Dog Tag Travel Bug, traveling from geocache to geocache on a very specific mission.

Trackable ItemIf you do not intend to log your visit on the web site, please DO NOT TAKE THIS ITEM. Its travels and its progress requires you to log that it is being taken from this geocache. You will also need to log when you place it in another geocache. It's easy!

If you are willing to log your part of this Trackable's journey and place it in another geocache as soon as possible (after you log your find), grab it from this geocache.

My Current Goal:

IT IS A RACE!!! - The 2009 Great SA TB Race. I am Pongo the Racing Dalmatian. I want to run from cache to cache!! The purpose of this racing TB is to score the maximum points in the 2009 Great SA TB Race by moving as fast as possible through as many as possible caches over the largest distance up to the end of the race on 11 July 2010. The rules of the race can be viewed at the page of the event cache where the race started: GC1QXCC. Information on the race is also available in the forum at Groundspeak>Geocaching Groups by Country>South Africa