This is no ordinary geocaching trading item!

1967 Pontiac Firebird 400 is a Trackable Adventure Guide Travel Bug, traveling from geocache to geocache on a very specific mission.

If you do not intend to log your visit on the web site, please DO NOT TAKE THIS ITEM. Its travels and its progress requires you to log that it is being taken from this geocache. You will also need to log when you place it in another geocache. It's easy!

If you are willing to log your part of this Trackable's journey and place it in another geocache as soon as possible (after you log your find), grab it from this geocache.

My Current Goal:

Sweeeeeeeeeet ride..... This little TB wants to visit the world, one cache at a time............. Please, move me along........ Ken...

As of 23 October 2015  this TB has travelled to the following Provinces/States, Countries:
New Brunswick, Canada

Salzburg, Austria

Antwerpen, Belgium
Limburg, Belgium


Bourgogne, France
Lorraine, France

Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Bayern, Germany
Brandenburg, Germany
Bremen, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Hessen, Germany
Niedersachsen, Germany
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
Sachsen, Germany
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Thüringen, Germany

Lombardia, Italy


Gelderland, Netherlands
Limburg, Netherlands
Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Utrecht, Netherlands
Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Region Zuerich (ZH), Switzerland

East Midlands, United Kingdom
Northwest England, United Kingdom
South Wales, United Kingdom
South West England, United Kingdom
Southern England, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
West Midlands, United Kingdom
Yorkshire, United Kingdom 

Maine, USA
Tennessee, USA