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Travel with GeoTours

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Are you a travel and tourism professional? You’ve come to the right place.

Geocaching is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. GeoTours are the marriage between geocaching and tourism. Let’s combine your knowledge of local attractions, historical locations, and businesses with the buzz of geocaching to make a custom GeoTour, bringing visitors and tourism revenue to your area. That’s what these smart destinations are currently doing.

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How does a GeoTour work?

First things first: geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt that can take place nearly anywhere. In less than two minutes you can learn more with our introductory video.

A GeoTour is a customized package pointing our travel-ready players to your destination. It is a turnkey marketing program. Your destination becomes a target for our game, enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. With measurable data, you can monitor the return on your investment.

A collection of geocaches that guides visitors through your region, a GeoTour has stops along a trail, through historic sites, in parks and just about anywhere else, and even in the middle of an urban area. Points of interest can introduce family-friendly activities, interesting facts, stories, and the best parts of your destination.

A handy Passport helps visitors track their progress towards rewards such as Geocoins and trackable items, and increases visitor engagement. We've worked with tourism boards, the National Park Service, State Parks, historical associations and private companies. And, we’d like to work with you! Check out the global directory of active GeoTours.

Who are Geocachers?

Geocachers are represented in nearly every demographic in over 180 countries. Everyone from ages 8 to 88 play, with 80% between 20 and 45 years old. We are avid sightseers, outdoor adventurers, tech-lovers and geeks who hike. Your own neighbors might be geocachers.

Over 15 million geocaching accounts have been created to date. Let’s entice some of those people to travel to your destination.

Our mobile apps make geocaching even more accessible. Geocachers actively use social media, telling their friends where they went, who they were with, and how much fun it was.

What will a GeoTour do for my area?

It's more than just techy fun; it's a measurable investment in your destination. This is how your destination enters the arena of mobile experiential gaming.

According to the Outdoor Industry Association, outdoor recreation generates $646 billion per year in direct consumer spending and $80 billion in federal, state and local tax revenue; this includes dollars spent on travel-related expenses like lodging, restaurants and more.

Creating your GeoTour is simple.

To get things started, contact us or call 206-302-7721 x403. We look forward to hearing from you soon.