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Logo Usage Guidelines

We began using the Geocaching logo in 2001. Since then, it has become a symbol that joyfully screams "Geocaching!" in any language.

Many geocachers want to use the Geocaching logo or our other trademarks for various geocaching-related things—and we love that! But before you do, trademark law requires us to set a few ground rules that you must agree to before using our logos.

By downloading a logo kit, you are agreeing that you have read and will adhere to the following usage guidelines:


  • Use our logos for personal use. (We love the tattoos!)
  • Give us credit.
  • Portray the game and our company in a positive light.
  • Use the high quality logo files provided above.
  • Include the ® on all uses of the Geocaching logo and Adventure Lab name and a ™ on the CITO, and Signal the Frog logos.
  • Promptly respond to any request from us to remove our logos or change your use.


  • Change our logos in any way.
  • Use our logos on anything that is intended to be sold or on any commercial website or application without our explicit permission.
  • Use our logos in connection with any cause. (We have a soft spot for saving the endangered Arodi Bubble-nest Frog too, but we don't think it's appropriate to associate them with Geocaching.)
  • Use our logo in any way that implies a partnership, sponsorship or endorsement. For example, our logos shouldn't be bigger than yours or be the biggest thing on your webpage.
  • Make our logos available for download on your website or link to the images above from your website.