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Guide to Hosting Event Caches

Occasionally, local geocachers and geocaching organizations designate a time and location to meet and discuss geocaching. These are called Event Caches.

What are Event Caches?

Event caches are gatherings that are organized and attended by geocachers. It’s the geocaching version of a party. Check out the event calendar to see examples.

What usually occurs at an Event Cache?

Geocachers meet and greet, eat, play games and share stories about geocaching. Geocaching events should be free to participate. If you are hosting an outdoor event, make sure to ask land managers about any required permits.

I want to organize an event. What should I provide?

Depending on the length of your event and the resources provided by the location, you will want to plan for the following resources to be available for your guests:

  • Parking
  • Food and beverages
  • Shelter
  • Restrooms

I am hosting an outdoor event. What if it rains?

Decide this ahead of time and post this clearly on the event page. Keep in mind that the terrain and difficulty ratings may increase with inclement weather and that will determine much of your attendance and activities.

How do I post my event online?

Now that you have determined all of your event details, you are ready to post your event! Use our online form and specify your "cache type" as an Event Cache. Make sure to include all of the important event information so that attendees know where to meet, what to bring and what resources will be available.

What features of the cache page can help me?

  • Ask attendees to post a "Will Attend" log, including anything they intend to bring for the group.
  • Post a note to the event page and all users "watching" the listing will be notified of the note by email.
  • Use cache attributes to help you communicate the resources available on site.

What if my event lasts for several days?

For geocaching events that involve several components, such as a full weekend event that includes a geocoin trading session, a seminar and a potluck dinner, multiple event listings may be submitted if they each stand on their own merit as an event meeting the geocache listing guidelines.

What timeframes do I need to know?

  • Event caches should be submitted no less than two weeks prior to the date of the event, so that potential attendees will have sufficient notice to make their plans.
  • Events are generally published no more than three months prior to the date of the event, to avoid having the listing appear for a prolonged period of time on the nearest caches page and in the weekly e-mail notification of new caches.
  • Exceptions are sometimes made for events that are designed to attract a regional, national or international group of geocachers, or if an overnight stay is expected as part of the event, requiring advance reservations and travel planning (for example, a campout). Contact your reviewer if you wish to set up such an event, which may be published up to six months prior to the event date.

I want to include a community service project with my event. What are my options?

Cache In Trash Out is an ongoing environmental initiative supported by the worldwide geocaching community. Get Involved

Do you have any other tips?

  • Remind attendees to take care of trackable items they retrieve at an event (i.e. prevent loss), by logging items immediately.
  • Once the event is over, the event cache should be archived by the organizer within four weeks.

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