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Nebraska Delorme Challenge Mystery Cache

Hidden : 10/30/2005
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Geocache Description:

Inspired by similar challenges I 'm issuing a Delorme Challenge to Nebraska Cachers.

THE HONOR ROLE: These cachers have completed the Challenge: Dates are those of the online log although the cache requirements usually have been completed and verified earlier.

Lissie - Retro 2/6/06
Lissie - Fresh Start 2/6/06
Omaha - Fresh Start 5/4/06
Contryguy - Retro 7/7/06
Lady Grey - Fresh Start 8/20/06
Byonke - Retro - 9/16/06
Rotorootie - Fresh Start 10/6/06
Movalleygal -Fresh Start 10/6/06
Cachephrase - Fresh Start 11/5/06
Prodigious - Fresh Start 9/15/07
Cachepotatoe -Fresh Start 9/25/07
Plainsdrifter358 -Fresh Start 10/21/07
Team Kryptos -Fresh Start 5/28/08
Still Searching -Retro 7/16/08
negrant -Fresh Start 8/21/08
8601 Delphinium -Fresh Start 9/13/08
Trip Cyclone - Fresh Start 9/13/08
mack-attack -Fresh Start 9/21/08
SnickerJim - Fresh Start 9/22/08
cacheprhrase - Second completion 12/06/08
k-n-k family - Fresh Start 4/13/09
Elmer's Mayor and Bunch - Fresh Start 5/31/09
Sioneva - Fresh Start 6/20/09
LadyGunslinger - Fresh start 6/22/09
The Zoos -Fresh Start 8/15/09
flwrgrl - Fresh Start 9/12/09
catsnfish - Retro 9/12/09
TC3633 - Fresh Start 10/3/09
homeseller - Fresh Start 10/31/09
Old Man 124 - Fresh Start 10/31/09
Turtle Trax - Fresh Start 10/31/09
antelope hunter - Fresh Start 10/31/09
lnknehusker - Fresh Start 11/11/09
James Bridger - Fresh Start 12/21/09
starsharon - Fresh Start 3/06/10
Rodger Dodger - Fresh Start 6/05/10
Curt360 - Fresh start 6/27/10
Toolmans crew - Fresh Start 9/11/10
Tweety & Mickey - Fresh Start 10/30/10
WeMissMo - Fresh Start 10/30/10
ladycache - Fresh Start 12/19/10
BBM&J - Fresh Start 1/8/11
Doodle24/7 - Fresh Start 1/8/11
JJBeanBoy - Fresh Start 1/8/11
RoadTrip -Fresh Start 4/28/11
kb0rpw - Fresh Start 7/2/11
just me1 -Fresh Start 7/9/11
StinkyMillers - Fresh Start 8/10/11
GeoJudt -Fresh Start 9/10/11
p.boy - Fresh Start 9/10/11
ShadowChasers - Fresh Start 9/10/11
Mr.Zoo Second completion 10/6/11
yktak57 - Fresh Start 12/01/11
hunter 83 - 1/08/12
reuniti - 5/06/12
Janzattic - 5/07/12
CRKAT - 9/08/2012
Legoboyz - 12/09/2012
peptidechemist ( Lobomon) - 12/09/2012
WalleyeSeeker2 2/2/2013
BransonAdventures 6/6/2013
siff - 6/25/2013
tankman 9/6/12
sushi 9/7/13
Grammy Martha 9/7/13
jamie1967 5/4/14
whichwaydidigo 5/6/14
Cachephrase 6/14/14 (Third completion)
twofingers down 7/6/14
biscuitt bunch 10/30/15
Russ and Dana 7/10/16
Monty12 7/17/16
jeeperspeepers 9/4/16
Denali41 10/12/16
cab68370 2/5/17
TeamDAAK 4/1/17
Team Honeybunnies 9/16/17
Nenat42 10/21/2017
Jerry+Mary 4/14/17
peteach 7/27/18
manhuntz02 9/16/18
Netinator 10/21/18
XC-tracker 10/28/18
MacFive 11/01/18
Cwalford2 8/17/19
huskercory 11/15/19
LouinLiberty 7/30/20
debrajean 9/4/20
fsibero 11/23/20

Most of you already have a copy of this resource. It's widely available at bookstores and truck stops. Libraries also have copies. At the time this cache was submitted there were NO currently active caches for four of the Delorme pages: numbers 23, 35, 45, and 72 but thanks to the efforts of the first cacher to log this and several others in the more remote parts of our state we now have at least two caches on every page of the atlas.The logbook for the cache is in a container located at the coordinates given above.

When you have completed the challenge send me your list of caches with cache name,waypoint and coordinates. or use one of the checkers now available.

The Nebraska Delorme Challenge checker is now available on the Project Geocaching Challenge cache checker site ( This site produces a map with a cache find identified for each Delorme page.

The My Caching Profile website ( now includes a list of caches for each page in the Delorme Challenge Progress section.

Both of these are very easy for me to check and also useful for tracking your progress on completing the cache, Otherwise the easiest format for me to check is a GPX file picked from a My Finds pocket query. Put in GSAK, this will show that your logs are there. But I can work from a bookmark list, an excel spreadsheet or just a page by page list. After I have checked and verified it you are authorized to sign the logbook and log a find online. However, since this is a challenge cache you may do a provisional log in the book when you are in the Lincoln area and then do your online log after you have finished the challenge and I have verified your list.

Those of you who really love traveling about our beautiful state may continue to do the challenge over and over, logging the cache each time you submit a whole new list of caches, all 65 of them found after the date of your previous log of the challenge.

I am giving this a difficulty rating of 4 and, the terrain rating is 2 but for some of those pages it's higher than that.

IMPORTANT; Some picky details and special situations:

All caches must be caches with a container and a logbook. Virtuals,locationless, webcams, events, will not count.

There are 65 map pages in the Nebraska Delorme Atlas, numbered 15 through 79. The maps overlap and some caches are in places shown on two different pages. Caches so located may be counted for either page, your choice, but only for ONE of the pages.

If you are using the GSAK macro for mapping your finds be aware that it is based on the blue lines you see at the edges of the Delorme pages. This omits the overlaps and it will place a cache on only one of the pages. Also the blue line omits a tiny bit of Nebraska on the page 56 maps and the page 79 map.

Page 68 has two separate maps for sections of Nebraska at opposite ends of the state: the Nebraska City/Plattsmouth strip in the east and the far southwest corner of the state in Dundy and Chase Counties. You must log a cache in the eastern Nebraska section shown at the left of the page but I decided to allow the western Nebraska portion, at the right of the page, to be treated as part of page 69.

Page 56 has three strip maps for adjacent areas along the southern edge of the panhandle. You may consider these to be one map and log a cache in ANY of the three.

The insert at the upper right of page 27 is considered a part of page 27. The insert at the upper right of page 55 is considered a part of page 55.

If a Delorme page shows a portion of another state only caches within Nebraska count.

My thanks to byonke, who has provided this map of Nebraska caches with a Delorme grid overlay.

When in doubt about anything ask me. If you are working on either level of this and wish to submit partial lists as you go along I will be glad to check your progress and you are welcome to post notes about this.

I hope this challenge produces some new caches in the more remote parts of Nebraska and gets more of you out to explore our beautiful state. Have Fun!

You can compare finds on this cache to other Delorme challenges and other challenge caches at this site. Link

Additional Hints (No hints available.)