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Connecticut Delorme Challenge Mystery Cache

Hidden : 07/31/2006
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Geocache Description:

The Connecticut DeLorme Challenge

Cache is NOT at the posted coordinates.

Posted coordinates are for an NSG CENTROID benchmark P.I.D. DG5871. This marks Connecticut's center of population as of the 2000 Census.

The actual cache is within 10 miles.

This challenge checker will help.
Challenge checker

Rules are as follows:

Based on DeLorme Challenges in other states, some guidelines need to be laid out:

1. To “FIND” this cache, you must find or place a cache within each grid of the Third Edition Second Printing of “Connecticut Rhode Island Atlas & Gazetteer” Page one, published by DeLORME. Forty (40) grids in all.

1a. It is not necessary to purchase a copy of the DeLORME map book to participate. I have attached a listing of the grid squares. Upon request I can send a copy of the coordinates used for each grid in a different format.

2. As mentioned above, the posted coordinates are not the actual coordinates for the cache. The actual cache is some distance from these coordinates .

3. How will I verify your completion you ask?
You will need to post a note to the cache page and or and E-mail me. I will then have the laborious task of verifying that the location of each find is within the proper grid by running this checker.
Challenge checker

4. Generally accepted rules, guidelines and conditions for logging a cache find apply. These must be bona fide caches listed on that you have personally (physically) found and logged. You may include caches found prior to the creation of the Connecticut’s DeLorme Challenge so long as they meet all other challenge requirements.

5. If a page does not have a cache located within it's boundaries one must be placed, approved and found. Placement of a cache on a DeLorme Atlas page counts the same as finding a cache on that page. If you choose to do this, however, you are responsible for meeting all approval and maintenance criteria with See note below for "EXEMPT" pages.

6. All cache types (including Earth caches and existing Virtual caches) count as finds or hides for the Connecticut DeLorme Challenge; with the exception of Events (CITO included) and Locationless caches these WILL NOT be allowed.

7. If a Connecticut DeLorme Atlas page includes space not located in Connecticut, only caches in the Connecticut portion count.

8. Once your finds are verified, I will E-mail, you the coordinates of the actual cach container.

9. While you may have others with you when you find the final cache. Only those who have fulfilled ALL criteria for this cache will be allowed to log it as a find. Find logs by other cachers will be deleted.

10. When in doubt ask—we can discuss it or even seek guidance from others, but the final decision rests with the cache owner.

11. While the various editions and versions of the DeLorme Atlas do not seem to have changed much in terms of page boundaries, the information in the cache owner's copy (as listed above) will be considered definitive.

11.1. If the posted coordinates for a cache exactly match the listed coordinates for a grid it may be counted as being in either grid, but not both. (The Sakiman rule)

12. Remember that this is a game and is supposed to be fun!

12.1 Remembering that this is a game and is supposed to be fun for everyone, upon request, I can set the final as a Terrain 1 cache if the need arises.

13. When you get close to completing the requirements, send me what information you have. That way I can verify those caches ahead of time. Then, when you complete the requirements I have less work and you have less wait.

14. The attributes listed are for the final cache only.

15. Lab Caches do not count.

Many thanks go out to Haicoole for the original idea for this cache and to the other cache owners who have taken the idea and run with it for their own states.

Know Ye all! The following have met and completed the Challenge!

08-10-06 Dustiano 08-11-06 Nushiekitty 09-06-06 Walkaboutlost
09-19-06 BirdManOfCT 09-30-06 Jamm 11-05-06 Skippermark
11-05-06 Skippermatt 12-02-06 LisaS 02-03-07 Moonfox
03-31-07 The Honey Wolves 04-08-07 TheWilkens 05-21-07 Blue Blazes
05-21-07 Junique 05-21-07 Barefoot 05-26-07 SabrinaTom
05-26-07 snowball's-keepers 07-01-07 vasaturn 07-01-07 rrglcag
09-02-07 ~Bailey~ 12-03-07 MrEcho 12-03-07 KDubs
05-10-08 Danvers Duo 10-06-08 Firefighter Skippy 10-09-08 Sonoluminous
12-05-08 Bigrock95 12-25-08 Orion and Son (2500th find!) 03-15-09 Team Bullis
03-15-09 Kayak Kouple 03-15-09 meandmydogs 03-15-09 2GeoHounds
05-31-09 wuster2 05-31-09 happyhelper 05-31-09 ctpugs
08-09-09 yalehockeymom 08-09-09 kayakerinme 08-22-09 carels
11-04-09 j2brew 11-15-09 8:21pm bacmac 05-31-09 ctpugs
11-29-09 Sakiman 11-29-09 mmacgown 03-20-10 kb1jid
03-20-10 Tree Man 06-03-10 MessSGT 07-01-10 Mom of Many Hats
10-23-10 Top 11-05-10 Rich the Bushwhacker 11-6-10 tadpole379
11-08-10 roguetrader2000 12-12-10 by tenebrus 04-29-11YBIndoors
04-29-11 BlindReff 07-04-11 TySu 07-16-11 Cache Gator
07-16-11 Cat Lady 11-21-11 OleSeeker 11-27-11 roostersting
04-03-12 06-09-12 anewlesmiz 06-07-12 SiNwYrM
08-11-12 coolcamaro 10-02-12 tokyotako 10-07-12 Mountain_Wanderer
10-12-12 BriGuyNY 10-19-12 JaMaBo 01-25-13 Foxtrott871
01-25-13 LazySteve-O Find#400 03-24-13 chsmathwisch 03-25-13 Cap'n Bill
04-07-13 DJNelly 04-20-13 wawindaji 05-12-13 Jake-2687 #2000
05-12-13 bootz #2000 08-01-13 Marbleguy 08-07-13 Larra-Three
08-17-13 KingRason 08-17-13 HBee1214 11-09-13 JungleJanie
11-09-13 And Sister 02-02-14 JeepinItReal 04-22-14 PJPreb
06-11-14 CalypsoAria 06-12-14 ChittDirt 06-12-14 sarahjane2396
6-29-14 captainmath 8-29-14 Gilwell1 8-11-14 GalinaF
8-12-14 GEOteam0105 10-10-14 Hayabusa LE 10-10-14 Baby Butterfly
10-30-14 DMC713 10-30-14 Caps912 05/17/15 3Woofs
07/18/15 Sam and Papa 07/25/15 leenie222 08/29/15 Team Troid
09/12/15 Alphadog 11/14/15 likaclam 11/15/15 a couple o'clarks
12/14/15 MSTzilla 12/28/15 momofm3 12/28/15 ktom413
01/31/16 Five Woods 02/25/16 Tazena 02/25/16 Reno8
02/25/16 iecris 04/30/16 Vip Adventurers 05/01/16 STNolan
05/25/16 abweiss1 06/13/16 Decer 06/13/16 Rush37
07/31/16 P.T.T.M. 11/11/16 KE1CF 12/04/16 Imagine Geckos
12/04/16 Caching Dragons 12/10/16 H2"O" 01/14/17 TheAcat
01/20/17 Dr.Evil! 03/30/17 OHSilky 06/21/14 Capt Biggins
04/24/17 Going to Carolina 05/19/17 Aslanspawh 06/29/17 Mathadams
07/09/17 AuntieWendy 10/15/17 sloth96 10/20/17 agility3d
05/04/18 papollo & wifey 09/30/18 mm&i 01/17/19 kt. 16
03/16/19 Pi Even 06/07/19 vinyrd 06/07/19 seeker013
07/14/2019 MaineMan4 07/14/2019 Coal Cracker7 08/24/19 mixwithh2o
09/17/19 LilyBrook 09/19/19 TeamCamo! 05/15/20 RedWingNut
05/25/20 MatthewCat 05/25/20 Behistun 07/30/20 koneko
09/26/20 AF BEE 10/09/20 Tardiskey 10/24/20 bridgegirl1975
10/24/20 Milek78 10/30/20 grumpymanct 10/30/20 liliaclilly
01/18/21 yukionna 09/03/21 Roscoe45 10/05/21 a^shark
10/18/21 CarriVT 04/22/22 Canoe Paddler 02/19/22 TheGeneral1776
11/01/22 roaming kiwi 12/26/22 scotdog581 07/06/23 magtfplanner
08/20/23 Duke71 08/20/23 Ms.Marbles

Here below find the names of those who have met but not yet completed the Challenge.

Team Js
Team MSG
Traveler on a Whim
The Red Rovers

Hot on the trail we find:

Frin and Frak
J. Peter

Insert YOUR name here. Come on, you know you want to.

Hunting is allowed in season. A wise cacher wears Orange!

Additional Hints (No hints available.)