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How to hide a geocache

Hiding a cache is a big milestone for any geocacher. Creating a quality geocache connects you to a community of millions, all from a set of coordinates!

Help Center

  • 1

    Find geocaches to get inspired

    Try to find a variety of geocache types and sizes hidden by different cache owners.

    Find more geocaches

  • 2

    Read the guidelines

    Every geocache must follow the Geocache hiding guidelines—please read them! Learn how far apart caches must be from each other, how to respect the environment, about regional policies, and more.

    Hiding guidelines

  • 3

    Take the hider quiz

    It takes more than a clever hiding spot and a great container to hide a geocache. Test your knowledge of the guidelines you just read.

    Take the quiz

  • 4

    Pick a unique location and get accurate coordinates

    A quality cache brings the community to an interesting location. Accurate coordinates are essential for finders and to ensure your spot is available.

    Get accurate coordinates

  • 5

    Prepare a quality container

    Ensure the container is waterproof, durable, and contains a new logbook. We recommend that the container be as large as your location allows.

  • 6

    Create your cache page and submit for review

    Make sure you own or have permission for any photos or content you add. Place your container in its hiding spot, then submit your cache page for review.

    Cache review process

  • 7

    Communicate with your reviewer

    Once your cache has been submitted, a geocaching community volunteer reviewer checks the cache page for guideline concerns. They may ask clarifying questions about your cache in a “reviewer note” log.

    Unpublished hides

  • 8

    Maintain your geocache

    Once your cache is published, make sure your geocache remains a positive experience for other geocachers. Monitor logs and visit the cache location periodically. Be aware that unmaintained caches may be disabled or archived.

    Cache owner dashboard

  • Ready to hide your cache?

    Hide a cache

    Map it out

    Check out potential geocache locations. Note: Before submitting your geocache, you will need to visit the location and obtain accurate coordinates.

    Find a location

    Instructions for finders

    View and print instructions to include in your geocache container.

    Download instructions

    Include these instructions inside your geocache.

Event geocaches

Host an Event

Geocaching Events

Geocaching Events are a great way to meet the local geocaching community or even bring geocachers from around the world together.

Read the Event guidelines

CITO (Cache In Trash Out®)

CITO Events are a way for the geocaching community to take care of the natural areas we enjoy while geocaching.

Learn more about CITO Events

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  • Cache containers

    Choose a durable and waterproof container that fits the hiding location perfectly.

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  • Maintenance supplies

    From logbooks to pens—make sure you have what you need to keep your cache in top shape.

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