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3 Steps to Hide a Geocache of Your Own

Hiding a geocache is a big step in the life of any geocacher. Watch the video above for tips and instructions on how to get started.

Be sure to read the Geocache Listing Requirements and Guidelines.

  1. Take the Quiz

    Before you hide a geocache, make sure you read and understand the Geocache Listing Requirements and Guidelines. Think you're ready? Take the quiz to find out.

    Take Quiz
  2. Find a Great Spot and Prepare Your Geocache

    Your geocache can bring adventurers to hidden parks, beautiful vistas, or even a spot they never knew existed. Before you hide your container, add a logbook and the instructions for finders.

    Download the Instructions for Finders

  3. Submit Your Geocache for Review

    Each geocache listing is reviewed by Community Volunteer Reviewers. Currently there are over 300 Community Volunteer Reviewers around the world.

    Learn More

Host a Geocaching Event

Event Icon

Geocaching Events are a great way to meet the local geocaching community or even bring geocachers from around the world together.

Be sure to read the current Event Guidelines.

CITO Event Icon

CITO (Cache In Trash Out ®) Events are a way for the geocaching community to take care of the natural areas we enjoy while geocaching. Learn more about CITO events here.