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Project Ape Caches (shared, public)

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What the Heck is Project A.P.E.?
Project APE LogoogoL EPA tcejorPShort answer: a publicity stunt.

But you came here for a longer answer...
The Publicity Stunt
Rule the Planet Hordes leaving in search of APE caches in May of 2001, 20th Century Fox, was preparing to release its summer blockbuster, “Planet of the Apes.” They wanted a publicity stunt, and saw that computer geeks everywhere seemed to be flocking to this new hobby, Geocaching. To try and capatalize on this potential market, Fox Studios formulated a “sub-plot” that had absolutely nothing to do with the movie: Renegade humans were trying to reveal an “Alternative Primate Evolution” theory by placing artifacts around the world. Code Name: Project A.P.E.

In other words, Fox Studios was placing movie artifacts in Geocaches. First ones there get the best trinkets.

One of the raters of this bookmark list has accused me of lifting material from Semper Questio. PLEASE TAKE NOTE This person created their bookmark after me

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCTK7X Traditional Cache Meridian Snake: The Project A.P.E. project
  Originally Mission 10b: Meridan Snake
Location: Tatsfield, UK
Original Project Ape Placed: July 27, 2001
Recreated: by Cryptik Souls Crew March 4, 2006

GCA4B Project APE Cache Mission 1: Devil's Spoon

GC12AC Project APE Cache Mission 10a: River Bearer
  Roswell (North Atlanta), Georgia, USA
Original Contents: Ape Coin, Misc. Memorabilia
Placed: July 27, 2001
Archived: March 18, 2003 (?)

GC12AD Project APE Cache Mission 10b: Meridian Snake
  Tatsfield, UK
Original Content: Prop Dagger, Premier Tickets, T-Shirt*, Books*, and other memorabilia
Placed: July 27, 2001
Archived: June, 2002 (?)

GC1412 Project APE Cache Mission 11: Tallow's Sand
  Near Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Original Content: ?
Placed: August 3, 2001
Changed: June 25, 2003

GC1596 Project APE Cache Mission 12: Blind Canal
  Near Goose Lake near Channahon (southwest of Chicago), Illinois, USA
Original Content: Harness and ape coin
Placed: August 10, 2001

GCAFC Project APE Cache Mission 2: Club Suave
  Near Virginia Lake near Portland, Oregon, USA
Original Content: A Club*
Placed: May 31, 2001
Archived: July 30, 2001

GCC67 Project APE Cache Mission 4: Southern Bowl
  Near Sao Paulo, Brazil
Original Content: Bowl and other items.
Placed: June 14, 2001
Archived: August 11, 2004
Resurrected: Nov 18, 2005

GCD35 Project APE Cache Mission 5: Fork in the Canyon
  Los Angeles, California, USA
Original Content: ?
Placed: June 21, 2001
Archived: July 30, 2001

GCDF3 Project APE Cache Mission 6: Asian Arms
  Tokyo, Japan
Original Content: ?
Placed: June 28, 2001
Archived: ?

GCEF7 Project APE Cache Mission 7: Crab Creek
  Rock Creek Regional Park near Gaithersberg, Maryland, USA
Original Content: ?
Placed: July 5, 2001
Archived: October 5, 2006

GC1058 Project APE Cache Mission 8: Wattle’s Edge
  Melbourne, Australia
Original Content: Prop Kinfe, Misc Memorabilia
Placed: July 12, 2001
Archived: Nov 25, 2001

GC1169 Project APE Cache Mission 9: Tunnel of Light
  Iron Horse Trail, Washington, USA
Original Content: Torch
Placed: July 18, 2001

GCBA4 Traditional Cache Return of the Planet of the Apes
  Originally Mission 3: Grahm's Link.
Graham Hills County Park, Mt. Pleasant, New York, USA
Original Content: ?
Placed: May or June, 2001
Changed: Jan 16, 2003

GCWBRF Traditional Cache Return to Planet of the Apes
  Originally Mission 1: Devil's Spoon
Original Project Ape Placed: May 24, 2001
Replaced by TeamNulti2003 May 31, 2006
The container and log are as close to the original as possible. The FTF also received a movie prop from Planet of the Apes.


GC1168 Project APE Cache Special Mission: PLANET OF THE APES Premiere!
  Central Park, New York, New York, USA
Original Content: Movie premier tckets. *
Placed: July 18, 2001
Archived: ?
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