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Challenges: Consecutive Days - Part 1 (shared, public)

List Owner: tenebrus

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Herein are a listing a caches that occur in long streaks of consecutive days which may then qualify for certain challenge caches.

GC22D99 - 99 consecutive days of caching, at least 10 caches of which are in Massachusetts (all same day is fine), followed immediately by a 100th day finding this challenge cache.

On 2013-02-25, Day 1000 was reached (maximum for a bookmark list). The Streak continues at ( ("" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">visit link) )

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1CRBK Traditional Cache 2010-06-02: Turf War: Parker's Prospect#1
  Day 1 in New York  

GC13BA0 Traditional Cache 2010-06-03: Tolland State Forest - Farmington Trail
  Day 2 in Massachusetts  

GC1EEZT Traditional Cache 2010-06-04: We go good together???
  Day 3 in Pennsylvania  

GC1RR2K Unknown Cache 2010-06-05: A Piece of Pi
  Day 4 in Pennsylvania  

GC29MPP Traditional Cache 2010-06-06: Country Cache Dreamin' at Chelsea Park
  Day 5 in New York  

GC1FG1F Traditional Cache 2010-06-07: The Falls
  Day 6 in New York  

GC21Q2X Traditional Cache 2010-06-08: Holy ground
  Day 7 in New York  

GC26ARN Traditional Cache 2010-06-09: Turf War: The Neumann Brigade
  Day 8 in New York  

GC26TYX Traditional Cache 2010-06-10: Turf War: Scrambled Communications
  Day 9 in New York  

GC23KTE Traditional Cache 2010-06-11: Lock 6 Park
  Day 10 in New York  

GC22WC8 Traditional Cache 2010-06-12: Norman Takes a Hike
  Day 11 in New York  

GC26AW4 Unknown Cache 2010-06-13: One Flew O'er The Choo Choo's Nest
  Day 12 in New York  

GC26G0H Traditional Cache 2010-06-14: Turf War: Holding The Ground
  Day 13 in New York  

GC29YXC Multi-cache 2010-06-15: Schiffendecker
  Day 14 in New York  

GC28NQ8 Multi-cache 2010-06-16: Yankee Cache
  Day 15 in New York  

GC23ZGA Traditional Cache 2010-06-17: Another River View
  Day 16 in New York  

GC23KV0 Traditional Cache 2010-06-18: Ridgeline View
  Day 17 in New York  

GC129PT Traditional Cache 2010-06-19: MAM's Micro #52 - Oceanside
  Day 18 in New York  

GC272JE Traditional Cache 2010-06-20: Herd of Elephants
  Day 19 in New York  

GC24KE1 Unknown Cache 2010-06-21: DTMF's
  Day 20 in New York  
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