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Active Caches Hidden in 2001 Volume 01 (shared, public)

List Owner: bolmsted

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC114 Traditional Cache 01/01/2001 GC114
  Riverland Geocache (South Australia, Australia)  

GC116 Multi-cache 01/01/2001 GC116
  High Ridge (in Kirkwood, first St. Louis cache!) (Missouri, United States)  

GC122 Traditional Cache 01/01/2001 GC122
  Red Canyon ME (Millenium Edition) (California, United States)  

GC123 Traditional Cache 01/01/2001 GC123
  Vegas New Year 2K1 Stash (Nevada, United States)  

GC12E Traditional Cache 01/01/2001 GC12E
  Catch of the Day (Connecticut, United States)  

GC174 Traditional Cache 01/01/2001 GC174
  Original Cranberry Camera Cache (Massachusetts, United States)  

GC126 Traditional Cache 01/02/2001 GC126
  Trussville Civitan - Alabama's First Cache (Alabama, United States)  

GC128 Traditional Cache 01/02/2001 GC128
  The Fort Williams Cache (Maine, United States)  

GC12B Traditional Cache 01/03/2001 GC12B
  Mt. Pisgah Geocache (Vermont, United States)  

GC136 Traditional Cache 01/03/2001 GC136
  Elgin (Massachusetts, United States)  

GC12F Traditional Cache 01/05/2001 GC12F
  PeeWee Desert Lawn Jockey (Landers Ca) (California, United States)  

GC131 Traditional Cache 01/06/2001 GC131
  Bravo Hotel (Queensland, Australia)  

GC132 Traditional Cache 01/06/2001 GC132
  LPS001 (Tennessee, United States)  

GC135 Traditional Cache 01/06/2001 GC135
  Elvis Confluence (Virginia, United States)  

GC137 Traditional Cache 01/06/2001 GC137
  T-2 (Manawatu) (North Island, New Zealand)  

GC15D Traditional Cache 01/06/2001 GC15D
  Oh so blue (Belize)  

GC13A Traditional Cache 01/07/2001 GC13A
  Wedged in Stone Mountain (Georgia, United States)  

GC140 Traditional Cache 01/07/2001 GC140
  San Diego Ocean View (Double Peak Summit) (California, United States)  

GC142 Traditional Cache 01/07/2001 GC142
  The Burn (Oregon, United States)  

GC14A Traditional Cache 01/07/2001 GC14A
  The Haystack Cache (Arizona, United States)  
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