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Directory of Literary Codes (shared, public)

List Owner: UncleTom

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I created a series of cache puzzles based on famous codes in literature. There are three main ciphers but I've added a couple of others. Two are really steganography, and a couple are conveniences. :-)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1D2Z9 Unknown Cache An Omelette With Your Choice of Sides
  This code isn't from literature but the creator is a literary figure!  

GC1BXT0 Unknown Cache Cockroaches at the Bishop Hotel
  This is the earliest and most famous of the literary ciphers.  

GC1K3HG Unknown Cache Dynamite Book Cache
  This is one of the convenience codes. However, this is a good reading list for summer vacation.  

GC1CBQY Unknown Cache Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly
  Another very famous cipher by a very famous author.  

GC1JPWB Unknown Cache Habeas Corpus
  The last in my series of famous ciphers.  

GC1E6ZT Unknown Cache Liz and Her Five Brothers and Three Sisters
  This isn't a cipher. It's a hidden message. I used the same method as the original. If you can do this without the hint and without knowing the original, you should claim some sort of superiority.  

GCVJQV Unknown Cache Poetry Corner
  The literary aspect is a convenience. The author didn't really create a code. I include it here for completeness sake.  

GCX69D Unknown Cache The Original "Survivor"
  There isn't a code in the book but it is based on a book. Well, a movie that was made from a book.  

GC2CKPX Unknown Cache We do?
  Another reading list!  
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