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Great "Aha!" Moments (shared, public)

List Owner: niraD

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Each of these caches gave me a great "Aha!" moment, although they did it in various ways. (Many of these caches also demonstrate Excellent Craftsmanship, but I didn't want to include them on two public bookmark lists.)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCK1CC Unknown Cache ANX: The Angle of Eternity
  This one offers so many "Aha!" moments. There's a reason why this is a local favorite.  

GCR9EP Unknown Cache Eel Trout
  This puzzle made no sense for a long time, until the "Aha!" moment when it all came together.  

GCTBRN Unknown Cache Five a Day
  Another puzzle that made no sense for a long time, until the "Aha!" moment when it all came together.  

GCHK4X Unknown Cache Hit the Target
  This was the first puzzle cache I found that had a good "Aha!" moment, although it seemed more like an "ARRGH!" moment at the time.  

GCQ66X Unknown Cache M4
  One "Aha!" moment came when I finally solved it, and another came when I realized what the solution implied about the puzzle design itself. It is truly elegant.  

GCHMN4 Unknown Cache Minor Inconvenience
  I kept over-thinking this one, until I finally had the "Aha!" moment when it all came together.  

GCVJQV Unknown Cache Poetry Corner
  This is one of my favorite UncleTom puzzles. Many of his require solving a clearly presented puzzle. This one required an "Aha!" moment to see what the puzzle was.  

GCXM27 Unknown Cache Rogue Ramblers' 45-Step Birthday Cache
  I solved the multi-step puzzle correctly, but missed the hide. Then I re-thought and over-thought the puzzle, until I finally re-searched my original location more thoroughly and found it!  

GC1CZZ4 Unknown Cache Silicon Valley Treasure Hunt
  This was one of my favorite puzzles. There was a big "Aha!" moment when I figured out how the pieces fit together, and many smaller "Aha!" moments as I figured out additional pieces.  

GCP892 Traditional Cache The Brink of Insanity
  This example of 4-star camouflage was my 666th find. It is an excellent example of a "good evil" hide. (A "bad evil" hide would be something like a needle-in-a-haystack hide.)  

GCV5H5 Unknown Cache Tilted
  This "just show up" puzzle is one of my favorites. I completely missed it on my first attempt.  

GCG3JD Traditional Cache Tube It!
  The "Aha!" moment for this one came after I found and logged the cache, while I was reading the past logs. I suddenly understood how the owner had designed the cache, and that I had found it essentially by brute force. I wish I had found it as the owner had intended.  
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