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This is what my favourites list would be, if I could only pick one favourite for every hundred finds.

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GC1VAZE Traditional Cache 0048. Bear's Lair - (SK11)
  Found 4/8/2012. We were doing a bit of a tour over the Easter holidays and found this one the day after a heavy spring snow. The creativity and the fresh snow made for an interesting search. Picked up a TB here as well.  

GC1P8BZ Traditional Cache 0119. Lower Than A Worm's Belly In A Wagon Rut
  Found 5/19/2012. An ordinary cache, but it led to a chance meeting with an incredible collector of vintage cars, machinery, and other artifacts, all housed in the building by the cache. He came out to see what I was doing, helped me discover the cache, then invited me in for coffee and a tour. Later I took my wife and son back, and he showed them around his priceless collection as well. This will continue to be one of my most memorable geocaching experiences.  

GC30FCH Letterbox Hybrid 0275. Last Call - Haines Highway
  Found 7/17/2012. There was no shortage of favourites on this Yukon / Alaska stretch of caches, but I chose this one because it was so unique, imaginative, and along a little travelled and beautiful highway. Also, I don't get many letterbox caches either.  

GC3RYDY Traditional Cache 0332. Great Wall of Saskatchewan
  Found 08/18/2012. Found with our daughter on her birthday. Which also happens to be International geocaching day. Also, this is one of the closer ones to home we're ever going to find.  

GCDC1B Virtual Cache 0479. Spud's Estupendo Uxmal
  Found 01/22/2013. Out of the 7 Mayan ruins we explored in 2013, Uxmal was our favourite. This virtual cache was one of 7 geocaches in the state of Yucatan at the time. We found them all.  

GC1XEQV Traditional Cache 0507. A Place for Innovation
  Found 03/03/2013. Actually our Muggle daughter found this one. Full marks for creativity on this one. Also on the campus of our Alma Mater.  

GC3XAGA Traditional Cache 0664. Ichabods Place
  Found 06/17/2013. A difficult well hidden cache in an out of the way place. Someone took the time to hide it where few people would get to it, and we had to risk getting stuck far from anywhere even to get to search for it. To me, this is what geocaching is about.  

GC3Y3F3 Traditional Cache 0731. Gnomeo
  Found 07/31/2013. We found a dozen or so caches in a little over an hour NW of Saskatoon. We gave favourites to several because of their ingenuity. This one took effort to set up and teamwork to solve.  

GC1GQ96 Traditional Cache 0838. The Claybank Hills
  Found 8/12/2013. This one involved a strenuous cross country hike through some scenic, desolate country to reach a cache that hadn't been found for almost a year. All finds count equally, but some are a lot more rewarding than others.  

GC6069 Virtual Cache 0926. The Old City Hall Message
  Found 9/16/2013. This virtual cache in Toronto required some inspection and detection. The activity was rewarding and educational, and definitely a geocaching highlight to remember. It is easy to see why this is one of the most favourited caches in Ontario.  

GC4W22T Traditional Cache 1003. Cenote San Ignacio
  Found 01/22/2014 This was an international FTF shared with French geocachers Agami in the state of Yucatan in Mexico.
We stopped to find this geocache on our way back from Campeche. After being admitted to Cenote San Ignacio, we quickly found the area of the geocache, and quickly drew the attention of not only the people who worked there, but another visitor who was also a geocacher. Thus, we were joined in the search by one half of team Agami. Meanwhile, the other half sought the assistance of the lady who was controlling the entrance, and due to French and English and Spanish all being used with varying success, we were led to a cave some distance away. Our search may have had something to do with an infant's burial site, which was not what we were looking for.
So, we returned to the coordinates and our search was joined by three other employees. As some of us tried to explain what we were doing, the rest of us made the find. Pictures were taken and cervezas were consumed.

GC296WW Traditional Cache 1122. Rock And Roll - CBLCAR1
  Found 06/17/2014. This cache was creative, and placed in a meaningful and picturesque spot. It was difficult, but findable. Also, it was our 200th find in the province of Alberta, and part of our best caching day so far (54 finds). We chose a quiet calm day to take this drive. The next two days it rained, so it would not have been possible for awhile.  

GC531RK Traditional Cache 1233. Riverside Lookout
  Found 07/07/2014. We found this one on arriving at Grande Cache. We kept looking because we knew what we found would be special, and we were not disappointed. This one took a lot of time to create, and we appreciate the work and the placement.  

GC592RJ Unknown Cache 1398. Micro Madness
  Found 07/22/2014. We were introducing F's sister and brother in law to geocaching, and found this one. It is a difficulty of 4, yet you know you are going to make the find, but it will take awhile. This is one of the funniest (and most fun) caches we have ever found. That and the company, and the beautiful setting and weather puts it on the list. We also missed being FTF by a couple of hours.  

GC4DDAV Traditional Cache 1410. The Bulletin Board
  Found 07/24/2014. Four of us spent quite awhile searching for this one one day, but came up empty-handed. We posted the DNF, and soon afterwards got a hint in an e-mail from the CO. We looked again on the way home a couple of days later and made the find. The simplicity and humour of this one is appreciated.  

GC545E2 Traditional Cache 1528. Redmond House
  Found 08/28/2014. We spent a few days in Maple Creek, enjoying the historic charm and hospitality. We were very impressed with the quality of the restaurants in town. This is one we would recommend. Also, they have graciously allowed this geocache to be placed on their property.  

GC3YTVZ Traditional Cache 1610. CAUTION ! - Electric Fence !
  Found 9/22/2014 We have stayed at nearby Pike Lake Provincial Park the past few Junes and Septembers, enjoying the solitude and beauty of the camping season. We have spent some time on each of these getaways discovering the creative rural caches in the area. We appreciated the whimsy of this cache, probably our favourite in the area. We found it on a very warm fall day, one of those special Saskatchewan ones.  

GC3VBDV Traditional Cache 1733. Face your Fear:chiroptophobia
  Found 02/23/2015. Hiking some of the trails in the Courtney / Comox area was a nice break from February back home. The geocaching was great as well. This particular one was a great example of creative ingenuity in a woodland setting. The theme and cache description enhanced the experience. Put this on your to do list if you are caching on Vancouver Island.  

GC279MW Traditional Cache 1866.Star Gazer
  Found 03/13/2015. We found this on our new personal best caching day of 80 finds. We came to Medicine Hat for some spring geocaching which as not yet available back home, and were impressed with both the quantity and quality of caches available. The location here is very well chosen, and the effort in creating and maintaining this one is admirable. This is a must find for any geocachers in the area.  

GC1TEAB Traditional Cache 1989. My Favorite Bermuda Views #2 (Horseshoe)
  Found 05/17/2015. We found this cache on a beautiful Bermuda day, one day before our 30th anniversary. We discovered one picturesque beach after another, but it was the placement of this cache which made us complete a rocky climb, which led us to one of the best scenic viewpoints we have ever experienced. Needless to say, if there had not been a geocache hidden at the top, we would have missed out. Bermuda is a haven for geocachers, and this is our favourite.  
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