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Tour de Cache 2 - NJ DeLorme Challenge Mystery Cache

Hidden : 10/25/2007
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Geocache Description:

This is a compilation challenge cache. To log the cache you must first find and log one cache on each of the 56 map pages in the New Jersey DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer. The challenge starts on the day this cache is listed, October 25, 2007.

DISCLAIMER: The cache is not at the posted coordinates which represent the geographic center of New Jersey. However the cache is hidden somewhere in New Jersey.

Tour de Cache 2

New Jersey
DeLorme Challenge

In January 2004, Haicoole unveiled the California DeLorme Challenge. This challenge cache was based on the popular DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer which is published for all 50 states. These maps are a favorite among travelers and outdoorsmen and are available at many locations, including online directly from DeLorme. The goal of this cache is simple: To find one or more caches on each and every page of the New Jersey DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer.

The New Jersey DeLorme Challenge is based on the highly successful series of DeLorme Atlas Challenges in other states. In particular we have borrowed heavily from the Washington DeLorme Challenge by Moun10Bike with adjustments appropriate for the conditions in New Jersey.

Common DeLorme Challenge Rules

  1. As mentioned above, the posted coordinates are not the actual coordinates for the cache. The actual cache may actually be quite some distance from these coordinates!
  2. Generally accepted rules, guidelines and conditions for logging a cache find apply. These must be bona fide caches listed on that you have personally (physically) found and logged on All cache finds must be made on or after the listing date of this cache.
  3. If you have found and / or hidden all of the available caches on a page prior to the listing date of this cache, then you can get credit for completing that page by explaining the circumstances to The Committee in your submission of cache finds.
  4. All cache types count as finds for the DeLorme Challenge with the exception of events (CITO included), locationless caches and grandfathered "moving caches".
  5. If a New Jersey DeLorme Atlas page includes space not located in New Jersey, only caches in the New Jersey portion count. We will go off of the posted coordinates for a cache when determining in which state or page a given cache falls.
  6. Pages 66 and 73 each have two map sections. Find one cache in either section to complete those pages.
  7. A cache found for any other challenge cache can be submitted for credit in this cache but it must comply with all the rules of this cache. Acceptance of a find for this cache does not imply its acceptance for any other cache challenge.
  8. While the various editions and versions of the DeLorme Atlas do not seem to have changed much in terms of page boundaries, the information in the cache owner's copy of the DeLorme Atlas will be considered definitive. (Third Edition, Copyright 2005, DeLorme.)
  9. While you may have others with you when you find the final cache, only those who have fulfilled ALL criteria for this cache will be allowed to log it as a find. Find logs by other cachers will be deleted.
  10. When in doubt ask—we can discuss it or even seek guidance from others, but the final decision rests with The Tour Committee.
  11. Remember that this is a game and is supposed to be fun!

How to Play

  1. Find a cache on each of the 56 map pages in the Atlas section of the New Jersey DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer (Pages 18 - 73). The street maps on pages 74 - 88 are not a part of this competition.
  2. Send your list of finds and hides to The Tour Committee for review. Preferably in the form of a link to a bookmark list. GPX, LOC pr text files will be accepted if you are not able to make a bookmark list. Send to:
  3. Upon approval of your list, The Tour Committee will send you the final coordinates for the cache.
  4. Find the final cache and then log your find here.

Differences Between the New Jersey and Other State Challenges

  1. Caches found before the listing date of this cache, are not allowed for this challenge. Everyone starts at the same time.
  2. Hiding a cache does not count for this challenge except in the case of a cacher who has either found and / or hidden all of the available caches on a page prior to the listing date of this cache (Rule #3). This challenge is about finding caches, not placing caches.
  3. Caches submitted to any other challenge cache may be submitted for consideration in this challenge provided they comply with the New Jersey DeLorme Challenge rules. The Tour Committee does not want to get into the business of policing cross posting between the various challenge caches.


Though having a copy of the DeLorme New Jersey Atlas & Gazetteer would be very helpful in completing this challenge, it is not required. The coordinates for the corners of each page Atlas can be downloaded in the following formats. You can use these coordinates in determining the borders of a given page and whether or not a cache is on that page.

NJDC-MAP.pdf A pdf file displaying the boundaries of DeLorme New Jersey Atlas pages over a map of New Jersey, produced by DeLorme Street Atlas.
NJDC-CORNERS.pdf A pdf file listing the coordinates of the corners of each page in the DeLorme New Jersey Atlas.
NJDC-SA.txt A text file that can be imported into DeLorme Street Atlas or DeLorme Topo as a Draw layer to show the boundaries of DeLorme New Jersey Atlas pages.
NJDC-GE.kmz A Google Earth - KMZ file displaying the boundaries of the DeLorme New Jersey Atlas pages. Once you open this in Google Earth, you can turn on or off the pages of interest to you or highlight them differently based on whether you have cleared them or not.
NJDC.gpx A GPX file that can be opened in ExpertGPS or any mapping program that can accept GPX files to show the boundaries of DeLorme New Jersey Atlas pages.
NJDC-GSAK.txt Polygon filters that can be used with GSAK to filter the results of a pocket query to show caches that are on a particular DeLorme New Jersey Atlas page.
NJDC-SCORE.pdf A score card showing the NW and SE corners of each DeLorme New Jersey Atlas page with columns for keeping track of your progress on the challenge.
NJ_Delorme3.gsk A GSAK macro that will determine which page in the DeLorme New Jersey Atlas a cache is on and to store that information in one of the User data fields.

UPDATED - 01/21/009

NOTE: The GPX file for ExpertGPX and the GSK file for GSAK should be saved to your hard drive and opened from there. The other files should be accessible directly from your browser.


Many thanks go out to Haicoole for the original idea for this cache and to the other cache owners who have taken the idea and run with it for their own states. We have borrowed heavily from other state listing but in particular we found inspiration in the Washington DeLorme Challenge by Moun10Bike. These bookmarks will take you to some of those other caches:

Pofe's assistance and guidance through the review process was greatly appreciated.


Cacher Found
1 carels 11/08/07
2 Strike Anywhere 11/09/07
3 bella_candy 11/26/07
4 UnNamed 11/26/07
5 Caver Bill 12/10/07
6 GOCrazy 01/31/08
7 TwoCat 03/02/08
8 trowel32 04/03/08
9 cruzn4cache 06/16/08
10 Kayaking Janet 06/25/08
11 J D 07/01/08
12 Harry Dolphin 08/31/08
13 Andy Bear 08/31/08
14 nikcap 12/13/08
15 m_and_w 01/11/09
16 JoenSue 03/29/09
17 melcrim 03/29/09
18 Jenny_D_Pooh 03/29/09
19 tugwake 04/19/09
20 snowball's-keepers 04/16/09
21 ericles 05/26/09
22 SailorRory & the Winch Wenches 07/13/09
23 mblatch 08/21/09
24 bernsa 11/19/09
25 themcguzeks 01/24/10
26 Junique 03/12/10
27 Blue Blazes 03/12/10
28 sofiecat 03/19/10
29 tsemclarney 03/19/10
30 Uncle Fuzzy 06/20/10
31 GuentherGal 06/20/10
32 Marcas_Found 06/21/10
33 miatabug 07/24/10
34 IMSpider 08/18/10
35 jo.b 09/26/10
36 dkeato 11/26/10
37 vanm 12/21/10
38 TheSurfcaster 12/24/10
39 jeeeper1 12/24/10
40 MikeOtt 01/01/11
41 moya crew 02/26/11
42 EagleTrax 02/26/11
43 tomnina 04/06/11
44 Grunriese 04/29/11
45 chsmathwisch 11/05/11
46 Sibe Walker 01/02/12
47 Team Ecnarf 04/15/12
48 tatsmeow 09/09/12
49 jimmyg7929 10/07/12
50 Danvers Duo 10/14/12
51 scrapes 10/23/12
52 bk1086 10/27/12
53 The Orr Knights 03/02/13
54 Six Little Spookies 03/19/13
55 LisaS 03/31/13
56 Barefoot 03/31/13
57 PTBilly 04/12/13
58 Bear Mom Scouter 04/12/13
59 GJAMPorter 06/19/13
60 afkgps 07/21/13
61 Lati.dude 08/25/13
62 sant74 09/29/13
63 lost patrol 10/12/13
64 mudwhore 10/13/13
65 randy-lewis 10/13/13
66 timbalina 11/02/13
67 turkey red 11/02/13
68 Exit...Stage_Left 11/16/13

Additional Hints (Decrypt)

[Cache safely and responsibly. Enjoy the Tour de Cache!]

Decryption Key


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)