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It's all about the letters Challenge Cache Mystery Cache

Hidden : 09/05/2011
2 out of 5
2 out of 5

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Geocache Description:

This cache is at the stated coordinates but before you rush out of the door, read on.
Here's a Challenge cache that you can make as easy or hard as you like.

We all know the letter tiles have different values, the more obscure letters scoring higher than the common ones.

This challenge covers ONE day.
All caches must be found AFTER the date this cache is published.

Make a word using the initial letters of the caches you find in one day.
Find any caches you like, Traditional, Multi caches, Unknown, all caches count, but must be found on the same day.
BUT: The first character of the cache title must be a letter so if the cache has a quote mark or a dot or ! Or 123. Or / then it does not count for this challenge.
This Challenge cache does not count as one of your finds.
Caches you have logged before can not be logged for this cache.

Each cache can only be used once, but if you have more than one cache with the same letter, they can all be used. The word must be English and in normal usage.
We will use the Collins Concise Dictionary if there is any doubt.
Hyphenenated words are not allowed

Minimum word length is 4 letters
You are not limited to 7 letters as you would be in the game.
The score you will be awarded is the Scrabble value of your word.
No doubles or trebles, no bonus points, just the letter value.
OK. New amendment to the above rule as suggested by Nebias.
If any of the caches you find are "We do checks and cache" caches, they will count as a double letter.

This is the official scoring system.
1: a, e, i, o, u, l, n, r, s, t
2: d, g
3: b, c, m, p
4: f, h, v, w, y
5: k
8: j, x
10: q, z

If you found 4 caches in a day, and their initials spelt FIND, you would score F=4 I=1 N=1 D=2 So 8 POINTS
A leader board will be displayed showing the top caching names and their scores.
Once a word has been logged on the board, it is not allowed to be used again.
If two cachers find the same caches together in one day they cannot use the same word to qualify.
You can only log this cache once so why not try for a high scoring word and go to the top of the leader board.

Here is an example from our recent caching day on the 24th Sept 2011. Amongst others we found:

Coloured Ribbons GC2HFZA
Hola GC31541
Route 46 #6- "Leicester" GC1DQRE
OMG another puzzle GC2QRGD
Norman's Final Rest Home GC1E3ZA
Are The Seasons All To Pot? GC32FPE
Inbetween The Colours GC2J5VM
Ermine Street Station GC2G40A
Shiny happy people GC2PHNH

Making the word CHRONAXIES which scores 22 POINTS.

As part of your log, list your qualifying caches and the date you found them, along with your chosen Scrabble word, as the above example.

You do not need to find this cache on the same day as your qualifying finds, but they must be found before you can sign the log.
Any logs not meeting the above criteria may be deleted
Get out there, get creative and think letters, not numbers.


Your name here Your word here Your score here
Dave's Piglings Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 59 Points
Doggywalker Quartzofeldspathis 47 Points
Norfolk12 Quizzifying 46 Points
CASH and Gary Quizzically 43 Points
amayatom jazzinesses 36 Points
flamingo flurrier zanthoxylums 36 Points
ScottyantheMadNevs ventriloquized 36 Points
ryo62 caffeoylquinate 35 Points
xxsuperjohn jabberwocky 34 Points
Dizzypair Subdermatoglyphic 33 Points
Wriglee Phagocytized 33 Points
Kitey Quicksilvered 32 Points
jazzyjessops supercommunicative 31 Points
flamingo chaser quizmaster 30 Points
Bazhornet Ambidextrously 29 Points
Lisasullivan&earle batrachophobia 29 Points
Lydfordlocators Blacksmithery 29 Points
happy_hunter_hp20 Bezique 28 Points
CurioCT Schmaltzy 28 Points
Spa twin queazy 27 Points
DTJM Subjectives 25 Points
Malpas Wanderer Honeycombing 25 Points
Dirtyrat27 Jewelfish 25 Points
Purplecougette Jewfishes 25 Points
Colincactus Rajahships 25 Points
mellers Cockmatch 24 Points
RubyShoos Matchbox 24 Points
SkiCycle Quinze 24 Points
team GBS Quartz 24 Points
Nebias Quiz 22 Points
Mimozakon Matchbook 22 Points
El-Jo Weighbridge 22 Points
Pesh marshmallows 22 Points
Bouncy1 washerwoman 22 Points
pixeltash Jodphurs 21 Points
tazmyers Bawcocks 21 Points
Pat & Roch Squelch 21 points
Clan-wallace Dystrophic 21 Points
gingko Skramjets 20 Points
Strange but untrue Westwardly 20 Points
db3034 catastrophes 19 Points
Woking Wonders Whipsaw 18 Points
MQ2010 Strengthening 18 Points
mackiespal Stagecoach 18 Points
Kmlooi Jocks 18 Points
pommieparkin2 Sympatric 18 Points
medrimyster blacktop 18 Points
dartmoordeliverer jobbed 18 Points
lodgebarn Amazes 17 Points
Spire67 Spiffy 17 Points
Hazelmead Composting 17 Points
Reggiecat Cockatoos 17 Points
mr+mrs minion abject 17 Points
Burtons are go! bicycles 17 Points
Wavvy Tapeworms 16 Points
MikeJenB Bitchy 16 Points
MonkeyPushButton Scabbards 16 Points
Smiglet Excises 16 Points
Disa urq Friz 16 Points
agrajag maxim 16 Points
Mario McTavish Ranchman 15 Points
Maja&Paja Spaz 15 Points
Stucuk Merchant 15 Points
Team Hippo Campari 15 Points
MK Rambling Rose Standdowns 15 Points
LesRobinson99 Jabots 15 Points
Deepdiggingmole Subungulates 15 Points
Daffodilbob Charcoal 15 Points
CroakyClare Cwtch 15 Points
bsh92673 Clacks 14 Points
Sca123 Fathom 14 points
Rumager Cyclist 14 Points
RPP Harvests 14 Points
Mr P Famish 14 Points
Pumpkin67 Cobblers 14 Points
Wendyk1102 Fifty 14 Points
Gedowdle Frock 14 Points
Runningduck Fleabag 13 Points
Little Fair Bear Byroads 13 Points
Beach hut Smithy 13 Points
Tikal Whims 13 Points
Bears in the wood Whom 13 Points
Bondoer Wecht 13 Points
Grizzly Pair Hunch 13 Points
Qrang Basket 12 Points
Minnsters Crypt 12 Points
Gobbyandwhinge Climbs 12 Points
geo.jens plonks 12 Points
R600A wham 12 Points
Sbear Civic 12 Points
metal-bijou Clomb 11 Points
emmaw Herd 11 Points
Red.Roaming Cognatus 11 Points
Jollyquest Coalbins 11 Points
bowiewhist graph 11 Points
DespicableP1 Swift 11 Points
JLK2000 Sudoku 11 Points
Little Cassie Hash 10 Points
bingbonglong Bank 10 Points
Oldun Flow 10 Points
Tremar Chaos 10 Points
1gowild Chant 10 Points
ceasarsghost calve 10 Points
vidin bottom 10 Points
Sal Nich Crows 10 Points
EJR14 Cash 9 points
MikeRobinson Perm 9 points
Hardnut Gamb 9 Points
mykey trollop 9 Points
Ahyster Sweats 9 Points
Angel_on_the_nene Dogma 9 Points
Mykey Trollop 9 Points
MKGees Smote 8 points
Ordos Nasty 8 points
nadiagoescaching Brim 8 Points
melinboy sealants 8 Points
Ox and Monkey Boos 6 points
whitefriar Died 6 Points
Trixie81 Coot 6 Points
nathanjhunt Boot 6 Points
DJ:CD drain 6 Points
Welsh Sprite Poet 6 Points
Palaeobird Slob 6 Points
Zensunni Star 4 points

There is a site where you can calculate your score easily here.

Additional Hints (Decrypt)

Npprff sebz gur cngu va gur jbbqf, abg gur pnany fvqr. Va n zhygv gehaxrq gerr. Nccebkvzngryl bccbfvgr gur 3eq orapu.

Decryption Key


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)