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Nagadraconis Letterbox Hybrid

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Geocache Description:

A letterbox and geocache to commemorate the 1952 Hamilton AFB encounters with UFOs and the ambassadorial visit by Prince Nagadraconis.

The Story

Hamilton has long been associated with UFO lore. In 1947, investigators from Hamilton took part in the famous Maury Island crash in Washington, where the Men in Black made their first appearance in a UFO case. After the investigators met with Kenneth Arnold (whose sightings of flying objects had launched the modern era of saucers), and received items associated with the UFO, they flew back to Hamilton. They never arrived, however, since their plane crashed on the return trip.

Hamilton Day

A July 1947 report may be the first sighting at Hamilton. Project Bluebook, the Air Force investigative agency, classified another 1947 sighting at Hamilton as being "unknown" after airmen watched two disc-shaped craft, 25-30 feet in diameter. A 1950 report described a high speed craft that made three separate passes over the base. In 1952, eight military observers saw two silver discs, estimated at 80 feet across, over Hamilton. Six objects joined the first two and formed a diamond formation. The discs were confirmed on radar and sped away as fighter jets scrambled. (NICAP, UFO Evidence, 1964.)


The reports did not end after the 1952 incident. Hamilton was one of the bases selected in 1953 to receive special cameras to photograph saucers. According to a retired geologist, base old timers spoke about a 1956 UFO that landed at the edge of a runway before flying off when security responded.

The 1952 visit by Prince Nagadraconis (“Naga”) is less reported. Earth Defense Headquarters (EDH) states that by 1950, Hamilton was one of three bases on the West Coast for flying saucers that had been built by Avro in Canada. The base was also home to an elite group, the “Fighter Mafia,” who were called upon when International Security or Majestic-12 needed to stop an enemy. This group was led by Ellis Richards who eventually became the head of earth security. Into this situation came Prince Nagadraconis, who some sources call the “Firstborn of the Imperial House of Dark Claw.”

Prince Naga - Art About Mark Richards During the visit at Hamilton, Naga told officials about technology that the grays had been withholding, and introduced us to multi-universes and multi-dimensional reality. The reptilians, however, were deeply divided. Prince Agni of the Draconian Empire had supported Nazis and even ordered Naga, his brother, to be killed. The visit, therefore, came at a critical time in earth’s history and our relations to other beings.

The primary information about this visit comes from Marin County’s own Captain Mark Richards. Mark is best known for having been convicted as the mastermind of the 1982 Pendragon murder. He later revealed that his father had been part of the elite Hamilton group and eventually headed earth security. Mark himself had a number of top level encounters with aliens. He and Naga fought together in 1976 during the famous Battle of China Gates, where they faced great odds and repulsed an invasion fleet attempting to come through interdimensional portals. Naga also helped Mark at the 1979 battle to retake the underground base at Dulce, where 18,000 grays had abducted thousands of women.

Some people express doubt about Mark's story. It is not the task at hand to take a position one way or the other, but simply to recognize part of Marin’s unique lore.

Since there is no record of a green, nine foot, reptilian prince walking through the main part of Hamilton, it might be that the visit took place in a secret underground location near the runway. It could also be that the wetlands project is a diversion to cover up such a location so a geocacher would not stumble upon it. If these things are true, it suggests that the structures around the cache site could have been important. This cache is therefore placed outside the old base – but in a location where the 1952 events might have been seen.

Finding the Cache

The starting coordinates take you from the LGVSD water reclamation lot towards Hamilton. Take the trail from the coordinates until you are about 1.02 miles from that point. The path takes a sharp turn at a "t" intersection. You should see old structures and fencing to your right, towards the bay. Turn around but stay on the main trail. To your right, you will see the corner of a fence line, past a sign warning you not to take a side road. A fence begins on the right. There are two different types of fence posts, but count four of them south from the side road. Then turn towards the water and look on that side of the trail. The container can bd easily found from the main trail, but is tucked in to keep it hidden.

When searching for the cache, it is best to avoid any large reptilians or people dressed in black suits. The cache might be described as a "large small." Please take care to ensure that it remains hidden from the trail.

Other Information

This cache qualifies for the Aura Raines Challenge, although it makes Aura wince to say that. She prefers to think about the days when Space People were content to take contactees on rides and talk about world peace. It seems that the reptilians and grays have become more prominent, however, and perhaps Hamilton had a role in their rise.

The cache is not meant for trading. There is a letterboxing stamp and book (bring your own stamp pad) that is separate from the geocaching log -- it is cross-listed on Atlas Quest. Please make sure that these remain in the cache.



Additional Hints (Decrypt)

Oruvaq be haqre onfr

Decryption Key


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)