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Statues times ten Multi-cache

Hidden : 09/07/2002
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Geocache Description:

An urban multi-stage cache. Need compass and calculator

This is a multi-stage cache designed primarily as an exercise in learning to enter coordinates into a GPS and follow them to a destination. It uses the theme of finding a series of sculptures. The Coordinates at the top of the page will take you to the first of 10 different sculptures in Bozeman, MT. By the time you have finished you will have visited a wide variety of art and traveled around the city of Bozeman, making this cache a nice way to explore the city. The total time to do this cache is about 2 hours. The distance traveled is approximately 10 miles. You might want to plan a picnic at the end. Updated information 5/18/2009: As time goes on, events and statues change. The second statue is currently not available due to construction so here is the data for items D, E & F . As time permits, a replacement statue will be inserted. D=11, E= 12, F= 12. Construction update 07/03/2021. Statue three is gone so here are answers from that statue.J = 7; K=5 As of this date, the final cache had been muggled so the final calculations are different allowing the new placement of the final cache. The following is a set of directions and questions for each statue. You will need to do them in order since each statue “leads” you to the next one. You will need a compass and calculator to complete this course. I. Go to the beginning coordinates. Near this site can be found city maps and other local information. Record the following information. A. What is the number of beaded strands on front of skirt?____ B. What is the number of beaded strands on back of skirt?____ C. What is the number of lace holes for the baby carrier?____ Calculation of next statue: C1 = (A+B+C) X 1.63844 (round to 5 digits) C2 = (A+B+C) X 0.1262 (round to 4 digits) GoTo: N 45deg _._ _ _ min. C1 C1 C1 C1 C1 W111deg _._ _ _ min. C2 C2 C2 C2 II. At the C1 C2 Coordinates: D. Number of rings on Front edge of Knife handle. ___ E. Number of Fringes on Front of Breech Cloth. ___ F. Number of fringes on Back of Breech Cloth. ___ Calculation of next statue: G = (D+E)X 1.7773913 (round to 5 digits) H = D X 0.2845455 (round to 4 digits) GoTo: N 45deg _._ _ _ min. G G G G G W 111deg _._ _ _ min. H H H H III. At the “G H “ coordinates: J. Number of letters in Sculpture’s last name ____. K. Number of People in Family that made donation ____. Calculation of next statue: M = (J X K) X 1.1514286 (round to 5 digits) N = (J X K) X 0.1295143 (round to 4 digits) GoTo: N45deg _._ _ _ min. M M M M M W111deg _._ _ _ min. N N N N IV. At the “M N” coordinates: O What is the total number of “points” on the appropriate statue nearest this coordinate? ____ P. What is the total number of dewclaws in this complete display? ___ (supposed to be 8 animals) You may assume that each statue in the group has the complete and normal number of dewclaws. Calculation of next statue: Q = 0.62395 X P (Round to 5 digits) R = 36.413 / O (round to 4 digits) GoTo: N45deg _._ _ _ min. Q Q Q Q Q W111deg _._ _ _ min. R R R R V. At the “Q R” Coordinates: From the center Pole of this structure, take 36 single paces at a bearing of 322 deg magnetic. You will be very near a memorial with a plaque. Read the plaque to get the following information. S. What year did “Lee” receive a BS? ______ (use 4 digits) T. What year did “Lee” receive an Honorary Doctorate ____.(use 4 digits) W. Year that Lee founded QUME corp. _____ (use 4 digits) Calculation of next statue: X = 1305.282/(T-S) (round to 5 digits) Y = W X 0.0013233 (round to four digits) GoTo: N45deg. _._ _ _ min. X X X X X W111deg. ._ _ _ min. Y Y Y Y VI. At the “X Y” Coordinates: AA. What is the number of “links” between nostrils?____ BB. What year was the Sculpture made.____ (last 2 digits). Calculation of next statue: CC = BB/2 (3 digits)_____ DD = AA/2 X 10 ______ EE = 199.726/(BB-AA) (round to 4 digits) GoTo: N45deg. _._ _ _min. CC CC CC DD DD W111deg. _._ _ _min. EE EE EE EE VII. At the “CC DD EE” Coordinates: FF. What is the number of top teeth? _____ GG. What is the number of Bottom Teeth? _____ HH. What is the number of vertebral spines that point downward; are south of the support pole; but do not touch the pole? ____ Calculation of next statue: II = 1.63008 X GG (round to 5 digits) JJ = 115.972/(FF + GG + HH) (round to 4 digits) GoTo: N45deg. _._ _ _ min. II II II II II W111deg. _._ _ _ min. JJ JJ JJ JJ VIII. At the “II JJ” Coordinates: KK. How old is the rider at the time of his death? ____ LL. What year was the statue placed _____ MM. What was the year of the “500” ____ Calculation of next statue: NN = KK X .463 (round to 5 digits) OO = 281.344 / (LL-MM) (round to 4 digits) GoTo: N 45deg. _._ _ _ min. NN NN NN NN NN W 111deg. _._ _ _ min. OO OO OO OO IX. At the “NN OO “ Coordinates: PP. What is the year this person was born? ____ (4 digits) QQ. What is the year of this person’s Death? ____(4 digits) RR. What year was the statue placed here? ____(2 digits) Calculation of the next statue: SS = ((QQ-PP)/RR)X(42.97097) (round to 5 digits) TT = (QQ/723.25) (round to 4 digits) GoTo: N 45deg. _._ _ _ min. SS SS SS SS SS W 111deg. _._ _ _ min. TT TT TT TT X. At the “SS TT” Coordinates: UU. Number of complete and incomplete silver bands on most northern feather. ____ WW. Number of feathers in tail. ____ You are finished collecting data from these ten statues around Bozeman. Now, use this data to calculate the coordinates of the geocache. You may want to recopy the data into the following “data chart”. A = _____ B = _____ C = _____ D = _____ E = _____ F = _____ G = _____ H = _____ J = _____ K = _____ M = _____ N = _____ O = _____ P = _____ Q = _____ R = _____ S = _____ T = _____ W = _____ Y = _____ AA = _____ BB = _____ CC.= _____ DD = _____ EE = _____ FF = _____ GG = _____ HH = _____ II = _____ JJ = _____ KK = _____ LL = _____ MM = _____ NN = _____ OO = _____ PP = _____ QQ = _____ RR = _____ SS = _____ TT = _____ UU = _____ WW = _____ Calculation of final coordinates: a = (square root of p)/(GG-HH) b = UU - J c= E – UU d= O - B e = GG - HH f = WW – C g= O-D h= O-F k = RR - 90 m= (AA X 2) - B For final cache: GoTo: N 45deg. a b . c d e min. W 111deg. f g . h k m min.

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ehfgl gva

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