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Nontraditional Jasmer - RM Challenge #209 Mystery Cache

Hidden : 01/15/2022
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2.5 out of 5

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Geocache Description:

A Jasmer challenge requires the cacher to find a cache hidden in each month of geocaching. A Nontraditional Jasmer challenge has a cacher trying to find a nontraditional cache (e.g. Virtual, Earthcache, Unknown) hidden in each month of geocaching. This is not possible since there are no active nontraditional caches hidden in the months July 2000 and August 2000.

To complete this challenge, you must find a nontraditional cache hidden in each month of geocaching with a leeway of 20 months. This means that you can exclude July 2000, August 2000, and 18 others of your chosing.

This challenge cache is at the above coordinates, but in order to log a find, you must have completed this challenge.

CuteLilFuzzyMonkey and RetiredGuy have combined to put out the Retired Monkey Challenge Trail. At least one of the two of us has qualified for each challenge. Because we have very different caching styles, it will be very tough for one person to complete all of them. Your progress will be tracked on the leaderboard. As with many good caches, our inspiration for many of these caches came from others, so thank you all!

For all of the caches in this series, we have provided a checker through Project GC to verify whether you have met the challenge. You can also go to the Verification Page to see for which of the challenges you have qualified.

PGC Checker
Please use the above link to verify that you have fulfilled the challenge.

Here are RetiredGuy's qualifying stats:

Month Cache
May 2000 Not yet found
June 2000 3.gif Tour of Stone Mountain (GC1E)
July 2000 Not yet found
August 2000 Not yet found
September 2000    3.gif Tombstone (GC62)
October 2000 3.gif Vermont 1 (GC86)
November 2000 8.gif Azucar Mine Offset (GCC2)
December 2000 3.gif Doggie Do (revived!) (GCD2)
January 2001 Not yet found
February 2001 4.gif Open Space 7 (GC191)
March 2001 Not yet found
April 2001 8.gif Thoreau Hitchhiker (GC5CA)
May 2001 5.gif Bald Cypress (GCGAX8)
June 2001 4.gif Capitol View (GCDE1)
July 2001 4.gif The view of an "Honest Man" (GCEB2)
August 2001 4.gif Angelfield (GC168E)
September 2001 4.gif miami freedom tower (GC1DA5)
October 2001 4.gif NY State Corner (GC256F)
November 2001 4.gif I can see Lincoln (GC2657)
December 2001 4.gif Not Your Granny's Garden (GC2C14)
January 2002 4.gif Animal Kingdom (GC3334)
February 2002 3.gif Blue Heron (GC39BB)
March 2002 8.gif Bring Some Flowers (GC41C0)
April 2002 4.gif Wings Over Orlando (GC4F78)
May 2002 4.gif Who am I - One (GC550B)
June 2002 4.gif The Lighthouse (GC6CDA)
July 2002 4.gif Bronzed Barker (GC7500)
August 2002 4.gif General of the Armies (GC8348)
September 2002 4.gif Neighbors (GC8A46)
October 2002 4.gif Can You Hear Me Now? (GC9B89)
November 2002 4.gif A Great Mom (GCAA24)
December 2002 4.gif Walk the Block (GCB22C)
January 2003 4.gif Whole Lot of Shakin' (GCC0E7)
February 2003 4.gif The Summer House (GCD03B)
March 2003 4.gif CalTrain - San Francisco (GCE125)
April 2003 4.gif Marco Hills (GCF2B7)
May 2003 8.gif Perfect Squares and a Semicircle (GCG531)
June 2003 4.gif G'ville Historical Tour #7 (GCGB06)
July 2003 4.gif A Different Species of Big Silver Bird (GCGFDE)
August 2003 8.gif Weston Woods (GCGNWX)
September 2003 4.gif Down Town (GCGTGW)
October 2003 4.gif She dearly loved this spot (GCH2FE)
November 2003 4.gif Barney's Rubble (GCH7J5)
December 2003 4.gif At The Signpost Ahead... (GCHBK7)
January 2004 4.gif It's About Time! (GCHH2Q)
February 2004 11.gif The heart of munich (GCHNBF)
March 2004 4.gif Billy Moon's Bear (GCJ0D0)
April 2004 4.gif WPArt: Victor's Cache (GCJAVD)
May 2004 4.gif Cheops V (GCJG9J)
June 2004 11.gif Rise and Sunshine (GCJN85)
July 2004 4.gif Last stop for a weary traveler (GCK12J)
August 2004 4.gif "Uncle Bob's" Cache (GCK5KP)
September 2004 3.gif Inner Harbor Fitness Cache (GCKHDD)
October 2004 Not yet found
November 2004 8.gif Delaney Talks to Statues Cache (GCM0HD)
December 2004 8.gif M4 (GCM91G)
January 2005 earthcache.gif Digging Phosphate in Bone Valley Earthcache (GCMGDG)
February 2005 11.gif One Happy Island (GCJ3PX)
March 2005 11.gif Scott Circle Webcam (GCN21R)
April 2005 8.gif Cube Root of 39.304 (GCNCMA)
May 2005 3.gif Alosa Sapidissima (GCNRJX)
June 2005 4.gif Sleeping Beauty (GCP90G)
July 2005 8.gif Euclids Revenge (GCPP2Z)
August 2005 3.gif Swift Liberty (GCQ20K)
September 2005 earthcache.gif Hawaii Volcanoes N.P. - U.S. World Heritage Site (GCQV5E)
October 2005 8.gif Purr LaGuerre (GCR2F3)
November 2005 8.gif Chelsea LaGuerre (GCR9RR)
December 2005 5.gif Embarcadero Bug Depot (GCRH3P)
January 2006 Not yet found
February 2006 Not yet found
March 2006 8.gif Crunching the Numbers II (GCTM0K)
April 2006 8.gif A Catchy Tune (GCRBDR)
May 2006 Not yet found
June 2006 5.gif Happy Birthday alg II (GCWYQN)
July 2006 8.gif The Triplets Hide a Cache (GCWKM9)
August 2006 8.gif Emily LaGuerre Too (GCXTCT)
September 2006 8.gif Relatively Speaking (GCY2Q6)
October 2006 Not yet found
November 2006 earthcache.gif The Cologne Cathedral - A Geological Point of View (GCZ8H7)
December 2006 Not yet found
January 2007 8.gif The Note from Gandalf Has Been Found ! (GC10FBN)
February 2007 8.gif Lets go Flying (GC10RK0)
March 2007 8.gif Charlotte LaGuerre (GC11N0W)
April 2007 earthcache.gif The White Sands of Punta Cana (GC12J3T)
May 2007 8.gif Green Monster - Wayland (GC11A7Y)
June 2007 earthcache.gif A River Restored Earthcache (GC13D95)
July 2007 earthcache.gif Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (GC14G6F)
August 2007 8.gif Resolve (GC15JBT)
September 2007 earthcache.gif The Dikes of Odiorne Point (GC15NZV)
October 2007 8.gif Big Boxes (GC16XTC)
November 2007 earthcache.gif Key West Marine Park (GC17N8T)
December 2007 earthcache.gif Casibari Rock Formation (GC17WZE)
January 2008 3.gif Fishing Hole (GC1907T)
February 2008 8.gif Lost in Translation (GC1978K)
March 2008 8.gif Chiswick (GC1AD3T)
April 2008 earthcache.gif Virgin Gorda Baths (GC1B1J8)
May 2008 3.gif Captain Forster's Hammock Preserve Cache (GC1CGNW)
June 2008 8.gif Campus Caper (GC1D7FM)
July 2008 8.gif Busy's Brick (GC1A9EM)
August 2008 8.gif King and Queen (GC1EXVP)
September 2008 earthcache.gif Orbitolina!…….Orbitowhat? - DP/EC27 (GC1G4Z4)
October 2008 3.gif WATCH CITY WORKOUT (GC1HDGB)
November 2008 8.gif Lock and Roch Hide a Micro (GC1J34M)
December 2008 8.gif NOAH'S ARK (GC1K005)
January 2009 8.gif Eternity in Casablanca (GC1P5G6)
February 2009 earthcache.gif Les crapauds de l'obélisque de la concorde. (GC1MN5Y)
March 2009 8.gif Tom and JERRY (GC1NYGP)
April 2009 earthcache.gif The Dead Sea (GC1PR3D)
May 2009 8.gif Before the Prime Directive (GC1QXR0)
June 2009 earthcache.gif My Moon (GC1TA8C)
July 2009 earthcache.gif Petra Al Khaznah (GC1V4ZY)
August 2009 8.gif 'Highway 61 Revisited' (GC1Q8T5)
September 2009 3.gif L'écluse de Réchicourt-le-Château (GC1YW0D)
October 2009 8.gif In Honor of Harvey R. Ball (GC201D2)
November 2009 8.gif Amerkfan's First Puzzle Cache (GC216HV)
December 2009 3.gif SESAME STREET (GC22964)
January 2010 earthcache.gif The Southern Alps (Canterbury) (GC23BXF)
February 2010 3.gif Operation BlackBerry (GC23ZTB)
March 2010 8.gif Remember Brennan's? (GC24YXK)
April 2010 earthcache.gif Montmartre la blanche (GC27K4E)
May 2010 8.gif David's Cache (GC28JD5)
June 2010 8.gif Jarred and Endon's First Letter (GC29P33)
July 2010 8.gif Icon Challenge (GC2BKCM)
August 2010 8.gif The Green Revolution (GC2AJ6N)
September 2010 8.gif The Arts (GC2ETQY)
October 2010 6.gif First Mass - 10 Years! (GC255J9)
November 2010 6.gif Put a Face to Your Name in month of Nov, 20 Event (GC2HJP5)
December 2010 earthcache.gif Sea of Galilee and the Hot Springs (GC2KF7B)
January 2011 6.gif First Light 2011 (GC2K7V4)
February 2011 earthcache.gif Machu Picchu Fault Line Earthcache (GC2Q1TG)
March 2011 8.gif Can You Sujiken? (1: Easy) (GC2PBNX)
April 2011 8.gif Presidential Mystery Cache (GC2T4BA)
June 2011 8.gif Dancing with the Stars Again (GC2XMKP)
July 2011 8.gif 17 Days of Mystery! (GC2ZXZX)
August 2011 8.gif A Benchmark and a Smiley #4 (Route 66 #8) (GC31HX3)
September 2011 8.gif Ebene 10,5 (GC3470P)
October 2011 6.gif First Mass - 11 Years! (GC335P8)
November 2011 8.gif Rebus #1 (GC37R9A)
December 2011 8.gif Rebus #3 (GC38TWC)
January 2012 6.gif First Light 2012 (GC37DTG)
February 2012 6.gif Pizza, Pasta, and Conversation (GC3ARFK)
March 2012 8.gif "Purple" aka 97-shiki ōbun inji-ki (GC3EBVY)
April 2012 8.gif Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid (GC3H2GK)
May 2012 6.gif Thoto in Boston - Open Air Meet and Greet (GC3JB46)
June 2012 8.gif XYZ (GC3G1F0)
July 2012 8.gif DASHing DOTted Snakes (GC3Q71M)
August 2012 6.gif Going Dutch (GC3QJAZ)
September 2012 3.gif There And Back Again (GC3VBMT)
October 2012 6.gif First Mass - 12 Years! (GC3QK5G)
November 2012 8.gif Cable (GC405KD)
December 2012 6.gif 12-12-12 St. Maarten Flash Mob (GC4175D)
January 2013 6.gif Drinks in Paradise I (January 17) - Orient Beach (GC43REH)
February 2013 8.gif Waltham Watch Company (GC46GA7)
March 2013 6.gif Drinks in Paradise III (March 13) - Orient Beach (GC46RH9)
April 2013 wherigo.gif Florida History Challenge (GC49V1Y)
May 2013 8.gif Rebus #8 (People) (GC4AG2A)
June 2013 6.gif Put a Face to Your Name in month of June, 15 Event (GC4BYJF)
July 2013 8.gif Love Your Mother (Earth) Challenge (GC4G99W)
August 2013 8.gif RetiredGuy 2K (GC4J5PE)
September 2013 8.gif A Grand Opus (GC4MTAC)
October 2013 6.gif First Mass - 13 Years! (GC4KWK1)
November 2013 6.gif Put a Face to Your Name in month of Nov, 09 Event (GC4NFNR)
December 2013 8.gif The Souvenir Challenge of the Century (GC4V7J3)
January 2014 6.gif First Light 2014 (GC4QFV5)
February 2014 8.gif P.O. Box Roseland (GC4YY59)
March 2014 8.gif The Shires Foreign Exchange (Waikato) (GC4Z9A4)
April 2014 6.gif TFTC! Maker Madness of Greater Boston (GC50H94)
May 2014 8.gif Scary Blue Question Mark - I Never Say No To Fries (GC54XXX)
June 2014 6.gif WWFM XI - L'île des Pins, Nouvelle-Calédonie (GC54W6C)
July 2014 6.gif Meet Team OHMASSTEX on the ET Highway (GC55WFP)
August 2014 6.gif M&M Picnic V (GC544FY)
September 2014 6.gif Hello World! - Boston (GC534X0)
October 2014 6.gif Cruise Stop #5 - Boston Flash Mob Event (GC5CPTQ)
November 2014 6.gif The Snowbirds Have Arrived SCGA Meet, Greet & Eat (GC5EQNW)
December 2014 6.gif Lunch & Drinks in Paradise (Dec. 3) - Orient Beach (GC5GHEC)
January 2015 6.gif First Light 2015 (GC5GVB3)
February 2015 8.gif Captain Forster's Hammock Preserve Mystery Cache (GC5N6A7)
March 2015 8.gif Ricixxx~The Popes in History (GC5NTQQ)
April 2015 earthcache.gif Shifting Sands EarthCache (GC5R5M9)
May 2015 earthcache.gif I Fanghi Di Vulcano (GC5TTP2)
June 2015 6.gif  WWFM XII – Roatán, Honduras (GC5WBEE)
July 2015 6.gif The Pirates Raid the Castle! (GC5XAXH)
August 2015 4738.gif 2015 Geocaching Block Party (GC5G4X5)
September 2015 5.gif Nature Nook (GC62NVZ)
October 2015 6.gif Drinks in Paradise IX (October 13) - Orient Beach (GC63Y9Z)
November 2015 8.gif Picture Perfect (GC675AY)
December 2015 6.gif Drinks in Paradise X (December 10) – Orient Beach (GC67DK9)
January 2016 6.gif First Light 2016 (GC66AZG)
February 2016 8.gif **Sergeant Major USMC** (GC6BERD)
March 2016 8.gif The Secret Code #2: Zero Gravity (GC6EEZ1)
April 2016 13.gif 2016 Halpatiokee CITO (GC6CJM5)
June 2016 8.gif Counting Counties (Bronze) - RM Challenge #139 (GC6K4EZ)
July 2016 3.gif BCDT #3: Think Pink (GC6N018)
August 2016 8.gif Dollar Geoart #01 (GC6PRFD)
September 2016 13.gif Prettify Pilcher Park (and get a souvenir!) (GC6PG3E)
October 2016 mega.gif 4ème Event Forteresse (GC6AKTN)
November 2016 6.gif SCGA Gets Fired Up for GIFF (GC6TRNF)
December 2016 earthcache.gif Oh my gorge, what a view... (GC6YPVH)
January 2017 earthcache.gif Gold and Diamonds are forever (GC6Y1AR)
February 2017 3.gif BCDT #13: Local Legend (GC70WWJ)
March 2017 6.gif Visit the Monkey at the Zoo, I mean Pru. (GC70RGG)
April 2017 6.gif Dönerstag in Johannesburg (GC71B9Q)
May 2017 mega.gif GeoWoodstock XV (GC6HGXV)
June 2017 mega.gif Vikingevent 2017 (GC6J44N)
July 2017 6.gif Get you Bean and Bagel on with Canadian Bacon (GC75G8G)
August 2017 mega.gif Maritime Mega IV (GC6MET1)
September 2017 13.gif Cleaning Up The Causeway (GC7B2JM)
October 2017 8.gif DITTOCAT (GC7DKP2)
November 2017 6.gif SCGA Gets Fired Up for GIFF 2017 (GC7CTEP)
December 2017 4.gif USS Midway (a Virtual Reward Cache) (GC7B69J)
January 2018 6.gif Juice Up or Cool Down! Meet & Greet (GC7GFQ8)
February 2018 4.gif Meet some Swedish celebrities! (GC7B78D)
March 2018 4.gif Alexandria, DC (Virtual Reward Cache) (GC7B6R8)
April 2018 13.gif CITO at Chisholm (GC7KFFM)
May 2018 mega.gif ASP Geobash 2018 (GC76H45)
June 2018 8.gif Fishing trip N:1 by HH (GC7QRXY)
July 2018 4.gif  Адам Мицкевич / Adam Mickiewicz (GC7B8RM)
August 2018 6.gif <-*[#Let’s (Talk) Caching#]> (GC7TNM0)
September 2018 3.gif 19 Visit Conroe - Art Bench Walking Tour (GC7XHNZ)
October 2018 mega.gif Going Caching 2018 (GC7EXV6)
November 2018 6.gif Quesadilla, Quiche, & Quinoa (GC7YT8A)
December 2018 8.gif 💙s In The 🌟️ Of The Commonwealth Challenge (GC80YMF)
January 2019 8.gif 12 Days for Karen (GC82AQR)
February 2019 6.gif A Lackey Visits Cocoa Beach (GC83B8M)
March 2019 mega.gif 17th Annual Texas Challenge and Festival (GC7JK1C)
April 2019 13.gif Spring Cleaning (GC8563K)
May 2019 mega.gif GeoWoodstock XVII (GC7NBWQ)
June 2019 4.gif Virtual Copenhagen Airport Denmark (GC891EN)
July 2019 earthcache.gif High Falls Gorge - A Geological Treasure Trove (GC8AXVA)
August 2019 6.gif Flash coffee mob (GC8AZ1Q)
September 2019 13.gif Chester Heights Neighbors Alliance AdoptAHighway 3 (GC8DGM7)
October 2019 6.gif The Black Barnacle Sails Again! (GC861YR)
November 2019 6.gif 4th Annual SCGA Gets Fired Up for GIFF - 2019 (GC8CKWK)
December 2019 8.gif #57 CNY Challenge Trail- Fizzy Grid (GC8GYFM)
January 2020 6.gif First Light 2020 (GC8G15N)
February 2020 8.gif #20 CNY Challenge Trail - Calendar of Placed Date (GC8M2F9)
March 2020 earthcache.gif Tortola - coastal erosion 🌊 (GC8N0QY)
April 2020 Not yet found
May 2020 Not yet found
June 2020 4.gif It’s play time! (GC8912G)
July 2020 8.gif Russian Doll (GC8VW6Y)
August 2020 6.gif M&M Drive-In (GC8VJ0G)
September 2020 Not yet found
October 2020 8.gif Bonus Cache Walking Through North Conway East (GC91P69)
November 2020 13.gif Freedom Trail CITO along | {> Fall ~ 2020 <} (GC92MR8)
December 2020 Not yet found
January 2021 8.gif When We Were Older (GC95GER)
February 2021 Not yet found
March 2021 Not yet found
April 2021 13.gif Salisbury Beach Spring CITO 2021 (GC96P8M)
May 2021 mega.gif MINGO MADNESS! -GC88V6V- (GC88V6V)
June 2021 mega.gif Ohio GeoClash & Festival 2021 (GC8TQQQ)
July 2021 3653.gif A Homecoming Community Celebration Event (GC8HJBM)
August 2021 mega.gif 2021 Metro Gathering ~ NJ's American Revolution (GC93D53)
September 2021 8.gif Myrtle Hill Lab Adventure Bonus (GC9GN5W)
October 2021 6.gif Bottom's Up at The Blind Frog (GC9F7DD)
November 2021 6.gif GIFF Movie Event 2021 (GC9F2J0)
December 2021 8.gif Find My Cache (NYD 2022) (GC9KP97)
January 2022 Not yet found

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This cache is part of the Retired Monkey Challenge Trail.

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