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Law Enforcement & Parks Professionals

If you need action on or information about a geocache in your area, please call us at 206.971.0544 with the geocache name, GC Code (GCXXXX), location, or any other information that might assist us in identifying the correct geocache.

Park systems and police departments are a welcome and integral part of the geocaching community. It is our goal to build and honor these partnerships by developing tools and distributing educational materials to enhance the awareness, understanding and enjoyment of geocaching.

Official representatives of parks, land management organizations and law enforcement agencies are eligible for a free Premium Membership. With the premium member status, you are able to identify geocaches currently placed in your region, receive notifications when new geocaches in your area are placed, and communicate with the geocachers who are playing in your area.

How to Join the Geocaching Community:

  1. Create Account and Profile: Create your organization's account and profile. When setting up an account, please choose a username that is reflective of your organization and provide your organization's official email address. See sample pages for Land Management Organizations and Law Enforcement Agencies.
  2. Upgrade to a Geocaching Premium account – it's free! Contact us with the chosen username and we'll upgrade your Basic account to Premium for free.
  3. Learn about Geocaching: See our guide to the game and introductory videos.
  4. Inform your team: Print our 2-page brochure (available in several languages), then download our Guide to Geocaching for Parks and Law Enforcement in English or German. Teach your coworkers about geocaching using our Introductory Presentation.
  5. Need help? Contact us with your questions at and we will be happy to help.