Alentejo GeoTour (GT492)

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Alentejo GeoTour

Many secrets - and geocaches - await discovery by those who dare to venture into the inviting and captivating Alentejo. Spend a few days with us, and create a memorable vacation.

The quiet, blue waters of the Guadiana river mixes with the gold of the beautiful Alentejo plains in these Lusitanian Lands. While enjoying the sounds of rattles and "cante" (Alentejo songs), delight yourself with a good garlic "açorda" and discover the culture of Guadiana. A journey through your senses. This is what we propose to you in this first GeoTour in Portugal Mainland. It will be, undoubtedly, an unforgettable experience,that will last in your memories.

Remember: the best of Alentejo is hidden. Come and find it all.

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