Visit Centre County GeoTour

Visit Centre County GeoTour (GT494) invites you on a journey through Happy Valley, Pennsylvania to experience the small-town charm of State College and surrounding villages.

Here, historical landmarks and an abundance of hikes and trails make up Central Pennsylvania. Hike and geocache along the Musser Gap Greenway to Rothrock State Forest, and on to the Appalachian Trail. Explore miles of trails leading to geocaches near the infamous Mount Nittany, through the Scotia Range, and along Spring Creek. There are hundreds of other great caches within an hour’s drive of State College, including some popular Mystery Caches, gadget caches, and Adventure Labs.

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Celebra un año de patrimonio medieval con el GeoTour “Tesoro de los Templarios”

Celebrando un año de aventuras con el primer GeoTour de España.

En los valles de Saja Nansa, en el extremo occidental de Cantabria (España), te esperan 148 geocachés en el GeoTour del Tesoro de los Templarios (GT8C). Para celebrar el aniversario del primer GeoTour de España, los organizadores han programado un fin de semana repleto de eventos. Esta es tu oportunidad de encontrar caches en una serie de terrenos, del mar a las montañas, para que este GeoTour sea una experiencia inolvidable. Cruzando una superficie de 1 000 m2, este GeoTour se elaboró teniendo en cuenta el patrimonio cultural y ambiental de la región. ¡Hay incluso determinados lugares basados en criaturas mitológicas orientados a los niños!

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Happy Birthday and Happy GeoTour, Smokey Bear!


This blog post was written by geocaching veteran, Geocaching HQ employee, and purple enthusiast, MissJenn.


Since 1944, Smokey Bear has taught millions of Americans about their role in preventing wildfires. This year, Smokey is celebrating his 75th birthday. To honor him and his timeless message of wildfire prevention, Middle-Atlantic Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact is launching a new GeoTour—The Smokey Bear 75th Anniversary GeoTour (GT92).

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