GeoTour completed? Souvenir earned!

This blog post was written by geocaching veteran, Geocaching HQ employee and purple enthusiast, MissJenn.

Are you one of the people who recently received a souvenir for completing one of these official GeoTours? Congratulations! We hope you enjoyed the surprise. Do you have questions? We have answers.

Are you a person who has never been on a GeoTour? We have answers for you, too!

First things first:
Souvenirs are virtual pieces of art displayed on your public profile. GeoTours combine geocaching and travel to uplevel your vacations. With this latest update, we’ve combined them for a WIN-WIN-WIN combination! Today players around the world are receiving a souvenir for any live GeoTour they have completed.

Pack your bags! The hardest part will be choosing which GeoTour to do first.

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Butler County Donut Trail GeoTour (GT77)

Favorite Points:

We think the Butler County Donut Trail GeoTour is pretty sweet, and you probably will too. The tour itself is themed around donuts and creative geocaches to satisfy your sweet tooth for adventure all year ‘round. Find all 15 geocaches to earn the official Donut Trail geocoin!

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A Dash of the Unexpected GeoTour (GT7B)

Favorite Points:

Love stumbling upon the unexpected? There’s a GeoTour for that!

A Dash of the Unexpected GeoTour is located in Northern Alabama in the southern foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and along the rushing waters of the Tennessee River. The 31 geocaches in the GeoTour capture the best parts of the region. There are views of waterfalls, civil war battle sites, and at the right time of year you may stumble upon a friendly southern-style barbecue.

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GeoTourSwe – The Southern — Geocache of the Week

by Team Davidsson
Örebro, Sweden
N 59° 15.716 E 015° 11.762

A historic building? Great views of the city? Daring feats of adventure? This geocache has it all!

Welcome to Örebro, the seventh largest city in Sweden. Known for shoe manufacturing and biscuit making, Örebro is also the site of multiple buildings dating back to Renaissance times.

The cache is located in Örebro’s southern water tower, which provided water for the city from 1887 until 1958 when it was replaced by a mushroom-shaped tower. Although no longer active, it provides the perfect setting for this T5 Mystery Cache. Where is the cache, you ask? To find out, you’ll have to strap on a harness and get ready for a thrilling adventure.

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