Visit Centre County GeoTour (GT494)

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Visit Centre County GeoTour

Welcome to the “Visit Centre County” GeoTour.

You have found your awesome next adventure! Thank you for joining us for the “Visit Centre County” GeoTour as we show you some of our most favorite caching locations to include local and state parks, beautiful vistas, and historical points of interest! Our team of GeoTour planners have worked very hard to put together various cache types to keep the GeoTour interesting and challenging; however, no geocache should be beyond a 3/3.5 for terrain or difficulty, with maybe one or two exceptions!

We are pleased to show you around our County and hope that you will enjoy the GeoTour and complete your passport to collect your custom GeoTour Geocoin (minimum number of caches required to receive coin)!

If you will be caching with some young ‘uns, we have a Junior Geocacher Passport available for children, 12 yrs. and under, with a special prize for their hard work too!