Tuia Mātauranga - Pōkai Whenua GeoTour: Rima (GT4A0)

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Tuia Mātauranga - Pōkai Whenua GeoTour: Rima

Aotearoa New Zealand is a beautiful archipelago with beaches, rivers and lakes, mountains and plains. Unique animals and plants made this land home.
Over the past thousand years fearless human exploration sought understanding and knowledge of the new land. With settlement came impacts.
Follow the footsteps of early explorers of Aotearoa taking you to places where leaders of the past searched for food, resources and ways to adapt and survive. Let the Pōkai Whenua GeoTour become your classroom as you explore the stories of the past, in the present, to preserve what is unique in Aotearoa New Zealand for the future.

Continuing on from Tuia Mātauranga, the first GeoTour in New Zealand, Pōkai Whenua consists of 150 caches across 3 islands of Aotearoa New Zealand, with six limited edition collector coins, and 13 badges to collect along the way. Download the passport to start your exploration today!