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Mars Perseverance Rover

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Tuesday, 21 July 2020
Florida, United States
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Current Goal

Geocaching and NASA head to Mars with the Perseverance Rover

Mars 2020 is part of NASA's Mars Exploration Program, a long-term effort of robotic exploration of the Red Planet. This specific mission addresses high-priority science goals for Mars exploration, including key questions about the potential for life there. On the day/sol when the rover landed on Mars, Geocaching HQ launched this page about Perseverance and Geocaching's history with regards to space:


Perseverance has four main science goals:

  • Determine whether life ever arose on Mars
  • Characterize the climate of Mars
  • Characterize the geology of Mars
  • Prepare for human exploration


  • July 30, 2020: launch with an Atlas V-541 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
  • February 18, 2021 / Sol 0: arrival at Octavia E. Butler Landing in Jezero Crater, Mars
  • March 17, 2021 / Sol 26: photograph taken on Mars and sent to Earth! By logging the trackable, you immediately earn a new souvenir for your profile to celebrate the first interplanetary trackable.

About This Item

Signal the Frog with Perseverance at the lab

Thanks to the Mars 2020 SHERLOC instrument team at Johnson Space Center, the newest mission to Mars contains a tracking code, truly taking geocaching out of this world!

The trackable code is specially printed on a one-inch, unique, glass disk that is part of the rover’s calibration target. See the picture below. Cameras and other tools on the rover use calibration targets to determine accurate colors, brightness, focus, and other information. This calibration target is specifically for the SHERLOC’s WATSON camera. The SHERLOC instrument is a spectrometer on the rover’s arm that uses laser light to classify minerals and look for organic compounds. WATSON, its sidekick camera system, is used for engineering, operations and science imaging on the surface of Mars.

How can I log this trackable if I’m not also going to Mars?

If you’re not blasting off anytime soon, don’t worry. You’ll still be able to log the Mars Rover.

The tracking code is on the WATSON camera’s calibration target. After Perseverance lands on Mars and NASA does a few other tasks, that camera takes a picture of the tracking code itself and sends that picture back to Earth. You can log the Rover by finding the code in that picture. 

Look through NASA’s raw images. Can you find the image of our trackable item in that large gallery? Be sure to filter for pictures taken by SHERLOC and WATSON.

Please note that Geocaching HQ is giving explicit permission as the owner to log this trackable virtually.

I'm interested in learning more.

Calibration Target

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Discovered It 04/16/2024 JessPack4 discovered it   Visit Log

Also spotted this one on Mars!

Discovered It 04/16/2024 GratYag87 discovered it   Visit Log

Discovered on Mars!

Discovered It 04/16/2024 TheFlauschis discovered it   Visit Log

Online gesehen.

Discovered It 04/15/2024 nowaYYY discovered it   Visit Log

Finally found

Discovered It 04/15/2024 DZ2024 discovered it   Visit Log

Discovered on MARS!

  • Discovered on MARS!  Log image uploaded from Geocaching® app
Discovered It 04/15/2024 GeoBrosOXPC discovered it   Visit Log

Found about this via the Geocaching wikipedia page which discusses extraterrestrial geocaches/trackables! Crazy to think that on a rover where every detail matters, time/valuable space was spent etching a trackable code for us to enjoy!

Discovered It 04/14/2024 KS6263 discovered it   Visit Log

Na klar kann es in diesem Universum etwas noch cooleres geben, als einen TB auf dem Mars an Bord des Rovers Perseverance virtuell zu loggen. ... Einen Tauchcache am Grunde des 10 km tiefen Ozeans auf dem Saturnmond Enceladus bergen, einen Letterbox-Hybrid auf einem Braunen Zwerg, der einen Neutronenstern umkreist, stempeln, oder einen Wherigo an Bord einer Borg-Sphäre spielen. ... Klar, wäre alles deutlich cooler ... Aber: tauchen können wir nicht (und die Eisschicht über dem Ozean ist 30 bis 40 km dick); die harte Röntgenstrahlung des Neutronensterns ist uns ein wenig zu lebensverkürzend; und wir ziehen es irgendwie vor, nicht assimiliert zu werden. ... Also: ... Wow! Cool! 😎

Können wir unseren 1111. Fund an unserem 1. Caching-Jahrestag noch cooler feiern? Nö. 😎

Discovered It 04/13/2024 Laternen_Joe discovered it   Visit Log

Heute im Netz entdeckt.

Danke fürs Zeigen.

Discovered It 04/12/2024 DoodleMa discovered it   Visit Log

So much fun finding this one! The pictures sent me on a learning adventure trying to find all the clever things “hidden” on the Rovers. Thanks, NASA!

  • So much fun finding this one! The pictures sent me on a learning adventure trying to find all the clever things “hidden” on the Rovers. Thanks, NASA!  Log image uploaded from Geocaching® app
Discovered It 04/11/2024 Wiesel1005 discovered it   Visit Log

Gefunden auf dem Mars 😂💪👍

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