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Crackbrained Attributes (shared)

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Some attribute combinations make absolutely no sense. They still show up on geocaches so here is a list of them for your enjoyment :)

Mappable List of this bookmark

Significant Hike - Short hike (less than 1km)
Significant Hike - Park and Grab
Long Hike (+10km) - Takes less than an hour
Long Hike (+10km) - Medium hike (1km-10km)
Long Hike (+10km) - Short hike (less than 1km)
Long Hike (+10km) - NO/NOT Significant Hike
Night Cache - NO/NOT Recommended at night
Night Cache - Available at all times
Difficult climbing - Wheelchair accessible
Climbing gear - Wheelchair accessible
Cross Country Skis - NO/NOT Available during winter
Snowshoes - NO/NOT Available during winter
Snowmobiles - NO/NOT Available during winter
NO/NOT Seasonal Access - NO/NOT Available during winter
Tree Climbing - Wheelchair accessible
May require swimming - Wheelchair accessible
Wheelchair accessible - NO/NOT Stro

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC41P9J Traditional Cache "L.K.A. Berrima"

GC415CQ Traditional Cache "L.K.A. Sutton Forest"

GC333YD Traditional Cache "Medway"

GC4KR3H Traditional Cache #1 A Country Drive

GC5CVV3 Traditional Cache #12 The Entrance To Geocaching Heaven!

GC5W3NT Traditional Cache #18 Holden Bridge

GC51ZYB Traditional Cache #2 Bridging The Gap

GC4KR8A Traditional Cache #3 A Country Drive

GC57TK5 Traditional Cache #5 Pipe-Line?

GC5A2JB Traditional Cache #9 King Of The Hill!

GC2FY03 Unknown Cache 2000 Nights

GC4JE4D Traditional Cache 27744

GC319PQ Traditional Cache A Geo Cache down Geo Way

GC7662A Unknown Cache A little birdie onece told me (night/day cache)

GC2T408 Traditional Cache A Micro in Rand

GC509MB Earthcache A Rough Copy At Mt Lofty

GC6JR98 Multi-cache A Safe Cache (Rekeyed)

GC4JE4Z Traditional Cache A Tank with a View.

GC56YDA Traditional Cache Adelaide’s ‘Red Rattler’ comes home to Glenelg.

GC4KRZC Multi-cache Ahh the Botany
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